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    Coding Challenge - Challenges for Programmers Ukraine

    The winners are:

    Student Category:

    • 1st place – Алексей Р.

    • 2nd place – Alexandr P.

    Experienced Category:

    • 1st place – Alexandr P.

    • 2nd place – Roman G.

    Congratulations to all the participants!

    Dobryj den, Ukrainian developers! Jak spravy ?

    We are happy to announce you that Challenges for programmers has just arrived - for the very first time - in Ukraine.

    Ukrainian developers are well-known for their impressive technical skills, therefore, it's naturally that Challenges for programmers landed here.

    Besides challenging your algorithmic thinking and coding skills, this is an opportunity to win some really cool prizes.


    1. The “Student” category, designed for all software developers who are currently enrolled in a higher education institution;

    2. The “Experienced” category, designed for all software developers who already have a certain amount of working experience within the software development industry.


    Student Category:

    • 1st place – Fitbit Charge

    • 2nd place – Raspberry PI with case

    Experienced Category:

    • 1st place – Eachine Quadcopter Drone

    • 2nd place – Raspberry PI with case & LCD


    You can submit your code written in any of the following programming languages: Java, C#, PHP, C, C++, Ruby, Python and JavaScript.


    It is important for you to know that only your first submission is going to be taken in consideration for ranking and prize awarding purposes. You are free to submit as many solutions and as many times you want, but only your first attempt will be displayed in the general ranking. Please read the Terms & Conditions of this competitions here.

    Who’s in for this challenge? Ready to join Challenges for Programmers Ukraine?
    Starts on April 13 - Ends on 15 May

    Student category
    Competition logo

    Improve the sewage system in case of torrential rains. Write an algorithm to analyze what exactly would be the area that will be the most flooded so you can prioritize and improve the sewage system.

    Time: 45 minutes.

    Experienced Category
    Competition logo

    Passcodes for the missions of spies in your team have been crypted. They have been bundled with some false passcodes, but the spies have an algorithm they can use in order to detect which one is valid and which isn’t.

    Time: 45 minutes.