Each year, the SkillValue IT testing platform tests tens of thousands of developers, certifying only the best of the best. Using over 500 IT tests (online hackathons, coding exercises, and quizzes), we are able to evaluate all the skills needed to build an IT product, allowing us to offer you only certified freelancers: freelance full-stack, back-end, front-end, and mobile developers; data specialists, testing engineers, product owners, and CTOs.


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SKILLS. What Really Matters.

To date, we have used our catalog of over 500 IT tests covering more than 160 IT skills to evaluate 200,000 developers – from which over 5,000 freelancers have been identified. As such, our CTOs primarily source the freelancer(s) you are looking for from this private community using your criteria as a guide.

Before the recruitment process, you have the option to evaluate your own team or freelance candidates free of charge via our SaaS platform to gauge the technical expertise of our freelancers for yourself.

250K+ skill evaluations completed

HARD SKILLS. But not only.

At SkillValue, we believe the screening of freelance developers must involve an evaluation of both hard and soft skills.

Because of this, freelance candidates’ scores on our technical tests are always combined with one or more follow-up interviews with one of our CTOs (like Benoit) so you can be sure that both their technical and interpersonal skills are a perfect fit for your corporate culture.

A CTO experienced in evaluating both hard AND soft skills

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When handing over your freelancer search to SkillValue, you tap into just one of the services of the Pentalog platform, with over 20 years of experience in helping start-ups and software publishers accelerate development of their products at every stage of the product life cycle.

Through SkillValue, Pentalog Software Factory, Pentalog Growth Factory and Pentalabbs, the Pentalog platform offers a free technical testing SaaS platform to evaluate your future developers and other tech personnel, freelancers/IT recruiting to give your teams a boost, IT outsourcing to deliver work faster and at a lower cost, and financing for start-ups through IT for Equity (stakes in 25 companies including Fred de la Compta, BlueFox, TheFamily, etc.).

500+ start-ups and software publishers trust the services of the Pentalog platform

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