How can I assess the technical skills of the back-end developers I want to recruit?


Accelerate your recruitment process and automate your testing using SkillValue’s SaaS assessment platform. Our platform has 600+ technical tests, including those dedicated to Back-End development to find and hire the right candidates for your project.

Why should I assess a potential Back-End candidate?


A better question to ask yourself might be, “What can I really learn from my candidate’s CV?”

Can a resume truly demonstrate the level and breadth of the engineer’s technical skills? Can they think outside the box? How comfortable are they with embedded and front-end solutions?

It might be almost impossible to find all the info in a CV. But, how much time and internal resources do you have to truly assess a potential recruit’s suitability?

Let SkillValue’s application do it for you!

What SkillValue tests are available in the field of Back-End technologies and development?

The 600+ SkillValue tests available on the platform include, but are not limited to:


  • Beginner: Printing, code block separation, function, definition. Comparisons, strings, lists, dictionaries, loops, OOPs
  • Intermediate: Strings, lists, tuples, dicts, sets, OOPs, passing *args and **kwargs to the functions
  • Advanced: Generators, iterators, lists, sets and dicts, magic methods, logging, threading


  • General functions, client/server http, I/O library
  • Asynchronous execution of the method, TCP protocol, events
  • Best practices


Docker containers and tools, Compose, swarm mode, Docker 1.10 to 1.17


JSX, Components, Props, State, Lifecycle

MongoDB and Agile

  • MongoDB: Development, NoSQL database, creation and deployment of a scalable and efficient database, Doctrine ODM
  • Agile: Manifesto, Scrum, Product Management, Kanban, Lean, product vision, management of product backlog, estimates


PHP, Django, Java, Node.js, Zend, Python, C#, .Net Frameworks

AWS Cloud

Route53, EC2, S3, Cloud Front, RDS, VPC


How do I assess the the skills of a backend developer?


With theSkillValue app, you can review your entire backend assessment before sending it to the applicant.

Each candidate has 20 to 40 minutes to complete the backend assessment, depending on the difficulty level and number of questions.

Once the assessment is completed, the recruiter will receive a general score, a ranking next to other applicants, comparison between the tests’ average score and a detailed report.

How to use Smartquizzes (multi-stack tech tests) to recruit developers?

A step-by-step guide to using the SkillValue platform


1. Select the test(s) you wish to send the candidates, by technical category, test type, or level.

2. Complete the 4-step wizard. Choose a name for your recruiting campaign. Choose the tests you’d like to use. Select the candidates. Send your tests to the candidates, along with a personalized message, if needed. (You will be able to view your tests before sending them to candidates.)

3. Candidates will have between 20-40 minutes to complete a test and can only take it once.

4. After candidates have completed a test, you will be notified by email and an alert on your SkillValue dashboard.

After tests are completed, you will receive:

  • A global score for each candidate
  • A general ranking compared to other candidates
  • A comparison to the average test result
  • An in-depth report detailing the results of your candidate’s answers & the time they spent on the test


Want to attract more qualified candidates?


Let SkillValue help spread the word on your social networks! With a SkillValue account, you can have access to our campaign management solution which is ideal for managing a large number of candidates at a trade show or to organize online competitions.

All you have to do it share your Back-End developer assessment campaign. SkillValue will automatically generate a campaign landing page with a registration form where candidates can sign up to receive technical tests.

After registering:

  1. Applicants’ contact details are automatically added to your list of candidates in the SkillValue application.
  2. Candidates will automatically receive your back-end tests to participate in your recruiting assessments.

Assess, automate, and recruit—with SkillValue!

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