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The SkillValue IT Assessment Platform features more than 10,000 technical questions, covering a wide range of technologies, such as Angular, Node, Bootstrap, Java, SQL.

Use our tests to build the full-stack assessment tests you need to assess developers objectively.

Examples of tests to assess Front-End skills:

Examples of Tests to Assess Back-End Skills:

+500 Full-Stack Tests

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Build a Full-Stack Assessment in 2 Minutes

Easy to use and comprehensive, the SkillValue evaluation platform saves time during developer recruitment.

Our SmartQuiz formats let you make the right choice.

1. Create a full-stack developer assessment test with business tag, technical category or level
2. Build a campaign by choosing tests, selecting candidates and customizing messaging
3. Create a testing landing page with your logo which you can share on social media to reach more candidates

SmartQuiz: Send Unique Full-Stack Assessment Test to Developers

With SmartQuiz, you personalize assessments with questions that reflect your needs and generate unique tests for each candidate.

How easy is it to create a SmartQuiz? Just name your test and select skills you want to assess.



Save Time: Assess Developers Remotely


Full-Stack developer assessment tests can be taken from a laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet.

How do we make cheating too hard to try?

  • Tests can be taken only once by the Full-Stack developer
  • Limited time to answer questions
  • Each exit from the assessment page is counted

Why Evaluate Full-Stack Developers?

Full stack developers are a notoriously rare breed. They are highly coveted because of their mastery of a wealth of technological tools, allowing them to take on the most complex computer project from beginning to end with complete autonomy. Their versatility can make the evaluation of their know-how even more complicated and time-consuming: how can you ensure that a full stack developer will deliver?

Instant Results. Easy to Read. Easy to Select.

Once a test is complete, you’ll receive a report with score (including answers, time spent per question, etc.) and ranking compared to other candidates.
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SkillValue Starter SkillValue Starter

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  • 20 tests / month
  • Up to 10 jobs / year
  • Customized tests
  • Access to Skillvalue API
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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SkillValue Growth SkillValue Growth

$299 /month

  • 1 to 5 users
  • Access to the freelancers database
  • 500 to 1,000 tests / year
  • 50 to 200 jobs / year
  • Customized tests
  • Access to Skillvalue API
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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Free 8-test trial

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SkillValue Custom SkillValue Custom

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  • Over 6 users
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  • Unlimited tests / year
  • Unlimited jobs / year
  • Customized tests
  • Access to Skillvalue API
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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  • Dedicated to small recruiter needs
  • A credit is spent when a test invitation is sent
  • Access to the entire catalog
  • No expiration date

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