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Lead Back-End Developer – NodeJS – Full-Time Job, Remote Available

Lead Back-End Developer – NodeJS – Full-Time Job, Remote Available

  • Full-time
  • Remote
  • 17 March 2020
  • 1 position

Unfortunately, this offer is no longer available. More job offers !

Client description

Our client develops an app that facilitates the daily life of construction professionals: architects, builders. The World goal: promote responsible and ecologically sustainable constructions this is why he is looking for a Lead Back-End Developer.

Job Description

Note: This job offer is in English but of course it’s open to French people.

Quick intro:

The app is revolutionary, it helps construction professionals to manage their projects in real-time: architects, builders, building owners.

Lead Back-End Developer (NodeJS) - Full-Time Job, Remote Available

What is problematic?

The industry is not well digitalized, and people waste hundreds of hours per month and can’t focus well on their mission. Many clients references as Eiffage and famous SMEs of the industry. Our client just had a funding round and plan to develop the business in Europe at the end of 2020.

Technically, how he does that?

Thanks to a web, mobile and desktop app built with ReactJS, NodeJS, Electron, MongoDB, Docker, AWS (+ with a lot of documentation & tests).

Core mission

Promote responsible and ecological constructions while removing tensions and omnipresence of administrative work for construction professionals (big subject, today people from the industry are not focused on the heart of their values and work).

Why you’d like to join our client’s team

Advantages of being a Lead Back-End Developer for our client:

  • They will be a small team in June (10 people, 5 developers), working hard, playing hard. 10 more people will join our client at the end of the year.
  • They love learning from others and surround themselves with multidisciplinary people. They also allow people to make periodic freelances missions for outside projects to gain more skills.
  • They have a big network of CTOs of biggest europeans startups. They like to learn about their best practices.
  • They can give you a laptop and a comfy apartment in Paris in 2 weeks for a cheap price, 10 minutes away from your work.
  • They have many perks for their team (sports, hobbies, formations)
  • They are big enthusiasts about the impact of the architecture, urbanism and construction industry in the world (ecologically, socially, economically) and how the digital industry can help the professionals to have a much better role in it.

Your mission as a Lead Back-End Developer:

Starting in April / May / June 2020:

  • Enhance the NodeJS back-end features of the app and structure the first back-end team. If you like simple DevOps, they have many tasks in this field too.

List of future challenges:

  • Manage a junior back-end developer
  • Include a real-time chat with advanced features
  • Translate the app in many languages
  • Migrate to TypeScript (or another JS typing tool)
  • Add smarter transactional emails service
  • Synchronize the app with external APIs, set a viable long-term architecture for this
  • Allow the users to synchronize the app data with external Cloud platforms (Google Drive, Dropbox, office 365) and databases

Preferred Experience


  • You have a lot of ambitions in tech and you’d like to find a good company to catalyze this ambition (real ambition, not just having good teammates & learning edge libraries).
  • Autonomous, rigorous, comfy with complex architectures, preferring simple micro-services instead of re-inventing the wheel
  • Strong will to push a company from early stage to world development.


  • You are very comfy with NodeJS / MongoDB / APIs. You master deep details of the language/libraries (without being an absolute expert).

The +:

  • 3+ years working for startups
  • DevOps and CI knowledge (AWS, Netlify, Linux, Serverless)
  • Sensibility for architecture and construction

Unfortunately, this offer is no longer available.