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Lead Dev PHP (Symfony) / Angular – Full-Time Job in Paris

Lead Dev PHP (Symfony) / Angular – Full-Time Job in Paris

  • Full-time
  • 17 February 2020
  • 1 position

Unfortunately, this offer is no longer available. More job offers !

Company description

Our customer is a startup in the independent journalism field. The goal is to build a digital platform and workspace for collaborative production, distribution and remuneration of content, for all independent journalism initiatives. They aim to build an environment where professionals and consumers can exchange in a marketplace mode, with the benefit of breakthrough digital technologies in the fields edition and fact-checking, marketing, social networks and monetization, among others.

The platform shall give access to several digital tools such as payout system, personal profile and content management, blockchain verification, AI powered recommendation tools, financing/pre-financing tools. Our customer is an international project, with potential use of the platform in any location and all languages. First commercial use is planned in Brazil.

We are looking for a Lead Dev passionate for the challenge of an ambitious technological development project in the area of media. He should have capacity and willingness to contribute decisively to our customer definition, launch and future success, together with the founders.

The Lead Dev shall become a partner, directly interested in its economic success. In this context, together with quickly rising financial needs of the project, the Lead Dev shall take part in presentations and pitches with current and future investors.

Lead Dev PHP (Symfony) Angular - Full-Time Job in Paris

Mission description

  • Define their strategy for its technical and digital projects.
  • Contribute to the technical roadmap, projects follow up and define methodology (Scrum, Agile).
  • Ensure definition, development and management of platform evolutions (Front End & Back End).
  • Lead Market and competition survey on technological innovations.
  • Management of technical teams (developers, editors, partners, etc.).
  • Coordination of technical suppliers.
  • Project management based on QCD principles.
  • Reporting to CEO.

Required Skills

  • Solid experience in technical development on web applications.
  • Strong background in high-traffic environments.
  • Mastering of main development languages and frameworks, extensive knowledge for benchmark and recommendations.
  • Successful experience in team management.
  • Mastering of Agiles methodologies.
  • Conviction/capacity to motivate and explain technological stakes and choices.
  • Capacity to listen and work in team.


  • PHP 7.3 / Symfony 3.x, Python 3.x
  • Angular, jQuery
  • PostgreSQL
  • Source Fabric SuperDesk, & Source Fabric Publisher (non-imperative)

Unfortunately, this offer is no longer available.