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QA Automation Engineer – Full-Time – Bucharest/Brasov

QA Automation Engineer – Full-Time – Bucharest/Brasov

  • Full-time
  • Multiple cities
  • 29 June 2021
  • 1 position

Mission description

My Parcels Team in Stockholm needs a Quality Assistance Engineer that can help the team to test our mobile applications (android, ios) and the backend (java microservice architecture).


  • Manual Testing of front (android/ios) and backend (java based microservices);
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Be a driver and enabler for all things quality;
  • Instill a quality mindset in the team;
  • Coaching and mentoring co-workers around what and how to test, both manual and automated;
  • Work together with team members, teams, agile coaches and leaders to analyze and improve processes;
  • Taking responsibility for test automation. This includes evaluating what and how to test as well as implementing test suites with the help from all engineers.

Example of activities

  • Hands on api-, regression-, acceptance- and system testing of my parcel application (frontend) as well as micro-service backend;
  • Improving/Identifying essential use cases in collaboration with other employees, and creating test suites for these to find regressions before releases are made;
  • Pair-testing with developers;
  • Helping teams create test plans when/if needed, and teach/mentor teams on how/when to create test plans;
  • Analyzing bug reports and driving/implementing improvements based on analysis;
  • Creating proof of concepts and getting started examples for developers for testing and test tools;
  • Driving and hands-on contributing to implementation of and/or improvements to existing tests, tools, test frameworks, and CI/CD pipelines;
  • Enabling for automated regression tests of the mobile application as well as backend, finding the right tools, setting this framework up and get it running.

Successful profiles


  • Understands that manual testing is important;
  • Understands that automated testing is important;
  • Understands that there is much more to quality than testing.


  • Hands-on manual testing;
  • At least some knowledge of coding in a related language;
  • Experience from testing mobile applications;
  • Experience from some automated test frameworks;
  • Have previously been leading testing and quality efforts (test lead, QA lead or similar);
  • Experience from working with solutions with Device Farms (mobile testing) like AWS or Azure Device Farm or Browserstack.