Project Outline


Client based in the Île-de-France region, France

Client Business

IT consulting company

Project Type

Skill evaluation



About the Client


CIORANE is a French company that specializes in business informatics, in the field of development and network systems. Since 1996, it has provided technical assistance to large businesses and SMEs.

The company – whose motto is ‘competence leads to continuous growth ’ – actively evaluates their candidates’ skills. By providing a library of more than 1,000 technical books and tech tests, our client ensures that its future employees are certified and receive personalized coaching.

Collaborating with SkillValue

The Challenge

To continue to compete in an increasingly digital world, the client required highly skilled technical talent.

CIORANE faced the challenge of maintaining and guaranteeing a high level of know-how for its candidates while considering the urgency of its customers’ business needs. Time was of the essence as a matter of survival in an increasingly competitive sector.

To support its HR team’s activities and accelerate the first exchanges with high-potential technical profiles, CIORANE required a tool that allowed them to quickly assess candidates’ skills on a large panel of continually evolving technologies.

The Solution

In 2015, CIORANE turned to the SkillValue Assessment team. The client selected unlimited access to more than 600 marketing and tech tests available on the SkillValue platform, a subscription that meets their individualized needs and processes.

This solution perfectly met the needs of CIORANE’s HR team in regards to their client’s request, due to the vast selection and the level of difficulty of the tech tests.

The client was also pleased with SkillValue’s rapid response. Immediately after each candidate completes a test, the HR team receives detailed results and score analysis. The speed and readability of the results allow the company to considerably reduce the time spent on the recruitment process while also ensuring a candidates’ high skill level.

In addition, the client’s team has nominative access to the SaaS platform, which facilitates each HR collaborator’s campaign monitoring and recruitment.

The Results

For five years, the SkillValue SaaS platform has been an integral part of the CIORANE recruitment process.

Our client’s HR team mainly uses quizzes to assess candidates at every level on current technologies such as JavaScript, .NET or Kotlin, and Objective-C for the development of native mobile applications. They also evaluate emerging, in-demand skills like DevOps, Agile/Scrum product management, and machine learning.

Applicants also have the opportunity to assess their knowledge of the English and French languages.

Nominative access to the SkillValue platform optimizes campaign monitoring for every member of the team. Each person can configure their account as they wish, to select the information they want to receive.

Technical Environment:

– Java
– Software testing
– Machine Learning
– IoT

Client Experience

This is what the client would take away from product development:

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