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3D Designer Freelancing Project in NY/NJ/UK/ROU

3D Designer Freelancing Project in NY/NJ/UK/ROU

  • Freelancing
  • United Kingdom
  • 29 October 2019
  • 1 position

Company description

Our customer puts your safety first by creating radiation FREE headphones. This technology company creates breakthrough patented consumer products, and has announced the development of SafeBudz radiation-free earbuds. SafeBudz Blocks 100 percent of the radiation.

SafeBudz has been developed in response to the mounting body of scientific research highlighting the potential hazards of radiation caused by mobile technology.

3D Designer Freelancing Project in NYNJUKROU

Job Description

This company is currently looking for a 3D designer to help with the aesthetics of their earphones and phone grips. Our aim is to make them appealing to the younger generation (Teenagers). We are looking for a freelancer who has a good eye for design and has a lot to offer.

We are looking for a 3d Designer – working as a freelancer in the New York / New Jersey area, if you are located in the UK or Romania please do not hesitate to apply.

  • This position is Part-time, if you are interested in taking part in the design of these products.

Freelancer Requirements

  • On-site is preferred (NY / NJ) goal remote is also considered (UK / ROU) ;
  • Experience with 3D design ;
  • Speaks English.