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Recruiting in the field of IT can sometimes feel like piecing together a complex puzzle of people and skills. Before making the big picture, a lot of time must first be spent searching for the right parts to fit your teams, which requires knowledge of people as well as a clear understanding of all the technical aspects that go into a project. This process is usually time-consuming and demanding, but SkillValue can make it a little easier for you with our technical interview validation tool.

SkillValue will help you keep track of your recruitment process and remember your favorite candidates without struggling to keep up with your notes. Our technical interview validation tool comes with IT skills tests, quizzes and exercises to help you evaluate your candidates and find the best person for each project; you will save time and energy, as well as maximize the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts.

Understanding SkillValue’s Technical Validation Interview


SkillValue’s technical interview process allows interviewers to vet candidates in as little as an hour. The process begins by first assessing the technical skills of your candidates and is followed by a soft skill screening to make sure the candidate is aligned with your work style/corporate culture.

Areas assessed during this part of the technical interview include include workflow agility, Git management, good practices in development, tests and code quality, effective monitoring and self-training capabilities, as well as the ability to deal with technical issues while communicating with the rest of the team.

Once a candidate finishes the CTO SkillValue technical validation interview, our software will provide an analysis of their strengths, qualities, areas of improvement, along with detailed results of their technical tests and an evaluation of their overall performance.

This information will give you a clear understanding of how well your candidate might perform on your project, helping you make a more well informed decision.


Tests to cover a broad range tool & technologies

To test your developer candidates on the exact competencies you need to pilot your project, the SkillValue platform has over 600 tests and 30,000 questions covering 160+ technical skills such as PHP, Python, JAVA, Javascript, .NET and Angular, NodeJS or React. It also includes tests to assess candidates for potential leader roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner and CTO.

The SkillValue catalog allows you to effectively validate the IT knowledge of candidates registered on the platform, update the skills of your in-house team and even create custom quizzes tailored to the position you want to fill using our Smartquiz tool.

Match candidates to projects by gauging hard and soft skills

SkillValue CTOs work in tandem with our SaaS platform to ensure the skills of each candidate match the needs of the customer 100%. This involves understanding the company and its core values to find candidates who possess the intrinsic qualities that will boost a team. At SkillValue, we are convinced the best recruits are those with the right balance between technical know-how and corporate culture compatibility.


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SkillValue has 2 main service offers – evaluation of technical skills and candidate recruitment. Since its creation in 2015, SkillValue has collaborated with 450 startups, including 7 unicorns. To date, over 250,000 tests have been run on our platform, making us more agile culture and able respond effectively to the needs of our customers.

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