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Scalability and Freelancing: How to Use Freelancing to Scale your Activity – The example of Agicap


In hyper-accelerated growth after three successful rounds of fundraising, the scale-up* Agicap needed to build up its internal teams. To meet the needs of their expanding client-base, Agicap decided to work with freelancers. Their first criterion? “They have to be people we enjoy working with,” replied Benjamin Belloyan, Data Integration Lead at Agicap, who called […]

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“Working with freelancers helped us win more opportunities,” NEOBRAIN’s CEO said

NEOBRAIN - working with freelancers

Having successfully raised $3.658M (€3M) in its seed round, NEOBRAIN began working with freelancers in 2020 to enhance its market-leading artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities in a cost-effective and timely manner. Faced with growing demand for AI solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, this French HR tech startup built a team of tech freelancers and full-time employees to […]

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How the market pushed us – LOGICALLY – to merge the SkillValue and Pentalog brands


The merger of the SkillValue and Pentalog platforms is a LOGICAL operational decision: sourcing + evaluation + recruitment + freelancing + outsourcing + consulting, all under the same umbrella and all with the same level of standards and quality! But above all, it is proof that the market has changed and that we will all now be able to focus on the one answer that matters.

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How to Make Better Hiring Decisions Thanks to Online Tests?

online assessment tools for recruitment

The future of work is changing, and so is recruitment. To carry on with their business, today, tech companies recruit 100% remotely. Done right, and with the proper online assessment tools for recruitment, virtual hiring brings positive results. Sometimes it’s hard to develop in-house online tests for recruitment. That’s why my advice is to look for an HR partner that will take the burden of recruitment off your shoulders.

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2020 In Review: How SkillValue Adapted to the Crisis and Met Your New Needs


Even though the year started very badly, 2020 still had some positive surprises for SkillValue. The numbers prove it: recruiting is on the rise, freelancers are more in demand than ever, the number of tech tests sent has skyrocketed and our freelance community continues to grow. Let’s look back at the tumultuous, challenging year we faced and how we got through it all with one motto: adaptation.

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Automated Candidate Screening: How to Upgrade Your Recruitment Process


Recruitment is a people-centered industry. The experience and know-how of talent acquisition specialists weigh heavily in identifying the best profiles on the market. But no matter how much they try, the pressure of quickly hiring qualified candidates and the increasing number of applicants companies need to assess complicates any recruitment mission, especially in some areas […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Freelancers for Your Startup

hire freelancers for startup

Startups require investment. A big portion of investment is time. If it’s either acquiring VC funding or bootstrapped, it’s cheaper to waste time than money. Do your startup homework: You’ve got the idea, you’ve brainstormed, you’ve put a pitch deck together; now what? Investment, brand awareness, product-market fit, clients, retaining clients- these are just some of the factors founders need to consider alongside if you want to hire freelancers for startup.

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Data-driven Recruitment: How to Improve Your IT Screening Process

Data Driven Recruitment

Is your HR team struggling to hire top tech talent? What if I told you there is a way to improve and even accelerate your IT screening process for performant profiles? Data-driven recruitment is a strategic approach to talent acquisition. It is the smart approach because it provides valuable insights about candidates. Such technology-enabled recruitment is now available a click away.

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How to Streamline Remote Tech Screening and Efficiently Assess Developer Skills Online

remote tech screening

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us quickly shifted to remote work and remote recruiting. Since we specialize in technical recruitment, remote hiring strategies helped us even before the pandemic to attract top talent no matter the candidate’s location or technical expertise. We’re used to searching for the best candidates everywhere and assess them using […]

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