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Automated Candidate Screening: How to Upgrade Your Recruitment Process


Recruitment is a people-centered industry. The experience and know-how of talent acquisition specialists weigh heavily in identifying the best profiles on the market. But no matter how much they try, the pressure of quickly hiring qualified candidates and the increasing number of applicants companies need to assess complicates any recruitment mission, especially in some areas […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Freelancers for Your Startup

hire freelancers for startup

With any starting business, startups require investment. A big portion of investment is time. If it’s either acquiring VC funding or bootstrapped, it’s cheaper to waste time than money. Do your startup homework: You’ve got the idea, you’ve brainstormed, you’ve put a pitch deck together; now what? Investment, brand awareness, product-market fit, clients, retaining clients- […]

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How to Streamline Remote Tech Screening and Efficiently Assess Developer Skills Online

remote tech screening

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us quickly shifted to remote work and remote recruiting. Since we specialize in technical recruitment, remote hiring strategies helped us even before the pandemic to attract top talent no matter the candidate’s location or technical expertise. We’re used to searching for the best candidates everywhere and assess them using […]

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Top Freelancing Platforms: Website Comparison

Top Freelancing Platforms

Be it major corporations, start-ups or SMEs, freelancing is a system of collaboration that is increasingly valued by companies, insofar as they desire: Immediate access to specific skills Flexibility to adapt their teams to their backlogs Cost savings in comparison with traditional recruitment Contractual convenience As a reflection of this trend, which is here to […]

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