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Whether you’re looking to hire freelancers, ramp up your team, or measure the efficiency of your own Python development training, SkillValue’s custom solutions will ensure you secure the best tech talent for your project.

Our platform allows you to choose from a database of over 300,000 developers – filtered according to your project needs. Each Python Developer in our community has passed our own Python Assessment, allowing us to put the SkillValue stamp of approval on their coding skills.

Assessed Skills Experience Number of questions Test Duration
Python Test Beginner 20 20 minutes
Python Test Intermediate 20 20 minutes

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Rich & Diverse Tech Stack

Our platform is both informative enough to attract tech profiles and intuitive enough to navigate for any HR department to find sourcing qualified candidates a breeze.

Tired of rifling through CV after CV? Need a Python developer who can code in other languages? SkillValue puts the tech skills of our coders front and center to help you bypass candidates who don’t fit your bill and find one you might have otherwise glossed over.


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In addition to our Python Assessment option, is the SmartQuiz.


SmartQuiz is built on a catalog of over 30,000 questions you can use to curate individual tests for each candidate – ensuring accuracy and transparency in the assessment process. SmartQuiz also allows you to integrate your own unique questions into tests, based on specific project needs.


Should you need a particular skill combination where Python mastery is required, you can use the SkillValue assessment platform to measure technical knowledge in Big Data, Machine Learning and even DevOps.


4 Python tests available

A pool of 30,000+ questions to create your SmartQuiz

250K+ technical tests taken via the SkillValue platform

1184+ candidates tested on Python


To make sure you recruit the right Python developer for your needs, we have three versions of the Python test. The SkillValue platform allows candidates to be quizzed based on different levels of expertise to ensure they have the skills you’re looking for.


Our Beginner Level Python Test consists of basic questions about printing, separating code blocks and defining a function as well as more specific questions about the Python programming language.


The Advanced Level Python Test will help you find a more seasoned candidate who is well versed and can work seamlessly with all versions of Python.


Feel free to use our tests to measure the efficiency of your own training tools or to see how your technical team’s skills fare against their peers in the IT community!

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