‘We started the recruitment in December and today (at the end of January), we have already found 2 candidates; we are still in the middle of the process. For the moment, we have recruited the two people we found. The SkillValue tests were a real help, especially with one of the candidates, as they allowed us to make a skill-based selection. I only have positive words on this experience.’- Kevin Abrantes, CTO Atolia
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“I signed up and tried the SkillValue platform the weekend. I used some tests for one of my recruitment process. The platform works well, congrats to your team :).”
Teddy, CTO
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Software publisher


“Our recruitment strategy has been incredibly optimised thanks to SkillValue SaaS platform. We have included it to our hiring process and we have met applicants who had the expected skills for the project.Yoann, Executive Director, Software Publisher
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“We continuously recruit programmer analysts, studies engineers, software developers. Our recruitment process has became more comprehensive and efficient thanks to SkillValue.

We found out about SkillValue while we were looking for a a recruitment tool based on IT assessments for applicants. From the very first trial, we noticed that doing the shortlisting of applicants was much easier. Technical assessments are ready for use and very comprehensive. That means we can choose a specific assessment according to our needs and the required skills for our customers’ projects.

Results are automatically sent to the applicants and available online for the HR department ; it is easier to pick the applicants we see in interview. SkillValue is the perfect recruitment tool for an company.”
Damien CHIMIER, Sales Director INFOTEM
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“SkillValue platform SaaS is a brilliant tool to hire engineers and developers in spite of the geographic distance. Assessments are top-quality and the applicant’s feelings are very good. There are about 300 tests, and the overall website design is fine. If we consider Agilitech company’s environment, the ROI shows that we have to carry on with this solution. Choosing applicants with the right skills has never been so easy and fast.”
Pascal VIGNON, founder of Agilitech
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Services Company


“Our company saved 50 days/employee in a year, especially on the correction and result integration time, thanks to the IT assessment platform.”
Fabienne, Resource Manager in a services company
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