Earn More Income
to Keep Your Freedom

At SkillValue, we believe the freelancers we work with represent so much more than the rates they charge. They have the essential technical skills they need to complete their projects successfully, of course. But, they’ve also often gone independent to pursue their own entrepreneurial ambitions.

It’s for this reason independent contractor groups are flourishing and small companies are being created using the hands of two or three freelancers.

In the wake of this trend, we’ve started our Freelance Franchisee Program. To become a SkillValue/Pentalog business finder franchisee, applicants will go through our qualification and support process. Each freelancer can apply to the program without losing their freedom as a freelancer. This process is designed only to confirm you have the necessary maturity, as well as the right tools and support for this new facet of your life as a freelancer.

Why Be a Business Finder
with SkillValue / Pentalog?

Whether you’re a freelancer, business founder or even just a parent, you only have 24 hours in a day to fit all professional and personal activities. On average, you probably spend eight hours sleeping, eight working and eight hours with your loved ones.

With that in mind, and the fact that you also need to fit training into an already too-short day to keep your skills up-to-date, it sometimes becomes difficult to regularly increase sales and earn more money.

When you’re a freelancer, you are by definition selling your skills. The amount you’re able to sell is defined by your time and your ability to expand your skill set.

As a business finder, you become more than just a freelance expert in a certain technology. You become a freelancer who is capable of offering a comprehensive solution, simply because you’re connected to a network.

Suddenly, your value isn’t only tied to your technical competency. It’s also linked to your ability to provide complementary solutions to the clients you work for. This strengthens your position because you’re giving your clients security and ensuring their projects are successful.

Business referrals generate new sources of income that aren’t just tied to – and limited by – your working capacity and skills.

In short
– you’ll earn more money!

Become a Business Finder
with SkillValue / Pentalog

With SkillValue Freelance, become a business finder for all the services delivered across the Pentalog platform:

How much will you bring in as a business finder
with SkillValue / Pentalog?

In summary

You’ve seen projects come through that you didn’t have the time or set of skills for.

Are your freelancer friends too busy or don’t have the right skills?

Are you tired of giving your info to biz dev people without getting anything in return?

Tell as about it and get your commission if we sign a contract!

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