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16 June

The ElePHPant Challenge Moldova

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👨‍💻 Dear Moldavian PHP enthusiasts, 👩‍💻

We believe that the release of a new version of one of the best web development programming languages deserves a big celebration. And we cannot think of a ‘geekier’ way to celebrate the new PHP 8 than by dropping a tech competition.

You’re invited to the ElePHPant Challenge, a contest powered by Pentalog. Our digital services platform operating across 16 locations in Europe, Asia and the Americas, is designed to support client success worldwide.

🏆 Get ready to go big or go home, with a competition where you need to find “The biggest block of water”. Join the big leagues and play your PHP skills to the max, for the chance to score a 3000 lei voucher. You have maximum one hour to write the best solution!

On your marks, get set, go!