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21 September

Challenges for Programmers Austria


Lieber Entwickler, es fühlt sich so gut an, in Österreich zu sein!
Whether its modern cities or high mountain peaks, Austria has a lot to offer. The history of this old charms country showed us that the austrians left an important mark in politics, science, art and sport. Now, we are curious to virtually meet you, the tech scene, throught Challenges for Programmers and add Austria on our SkillValue map.

This autumn we are more than excited to invite you, the proud austrian coder, to:

  • Assess your IT skills;
  • Benchmark your technical knowledge against other software specialists;
  • Improve your overall coding skills, especially your algorithmic thinking ones;
  • And last but not least, win your prize.

Ready to join Challenges for Programmers Austria?
Starts on September 21 - Ends on October 26

20 September

Programmer's island


There is probably no island undiscovered, but there are plenty of islands in natural development. Let’s assume you are an explorer and you have at hand all the technology and rights you need to discover and claim your own island. Let’s call it “Programmer’s Island”. How it would be? Would it be one to spend a lifetime there or it would be only the perfect location for a 2 weeks summer break?

The thought-provoking and clever algorithmic challenge invites you to scan satellite footage and discover the largest land perimeter. The exercise is meant to bring you closer to your algorithmic thinking while taking you far and wide.

Claim your island now!
Starts on September 20 – Ends on October 24