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14 November

Repetion Game London

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From a very young age, we started playing the same games, listening to the same bedtime stories, studying the same lessons over and over until we would memorize them. The repetition has always been in our life and it always had an impact over our skills.

Practice makes perfect they say. Repetition is also favored among orators because it makes a speech easier to follow, the repetition of a sentence can convince people of its truth.

Nowadays how many of us have songs on repeat? Or do things repeatedly, every day? Or use the repetition code?

Join our new contest – Repetition Game – and write an algorithm to determine the longest repetition block.

The winners will receive:
🥇 A Mini-Drone Parrot Mambo
🥈 An Amazon Echo 2
🥉 A Google Chromecast

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The only challenge that makes repetition fun!