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16 January

Clash of the scientists


Ah, what a fine day for Science!

This month it's all about celebrating the great scientists like Isaac Newton & Asimov and the vital role science plays in our present. Science will play an even more major role in our future and step by step, through knowledge and basic life principles we can learn a way to become a better version of ourselves.

Today, through the Clash of the scientists coding competition we dare you to act like a scientist and solve the "Excited cells!" algorithm in Java, JavaScript, C, C++, C#, PHP, Ruby or Python.

Think like a scientist!
Starts on January 16 - Ends on February 6

4 January

Challenges for Programmers Portugal


Olá Portugal!
Sun, surf, lots of energy and new thinking are some of the reasons that made us launch Challenges for Programmers Portugal. We are ready to exchange ideas with you and start a beautiful adventure.

Challenges for programmers encourage you to: assess your IT skills, benchmark your technical knowledge against other software specialists, improve your overall coding skills, especially your algorithmic thinking ones and last but not least, win your prize.

Ready to join Challenges for Programmers Portugal?
Starts on January 4 - Ends on February 5

19 December

Decrypt the enigma


The stories we hear shape our view of the world. Well doesn’t that sound like a mystery in itself!? Elementary, my dear Watson! This winter we celebrate the inner child who asks questions and the adult who solves them with a competition dedicated to Sherlock Holmes, a reservoir of brilliant stories and witty puzzles. The challenge is called Decrypt the enigma.

Apart from the satisfaction you’ll get after solving the algorithm, you’ll have the chance to win Cluedo, an awesome mystery board game.

Now it’s the perfect time to elevate your power of deduction, detection and general brilliance.
Decrypt the enigma!
Starts on December 19 - Ends on January 24