Boost the Recruitment of Your Android Developers via a SAAS - 100% adapted to your Challenges


Finding developers who match the level of technical skill you need on a project can often be a painstaking process – and sometimes seemingly impossible.

To streamline this process & allow you to focus on your business, SkillValue offers the use of a comprehensive SaaS platform to help you gain thorough insight into the technical skills of your current or future Android Developers through tests and quizzes.

Whatever the size of your project or team, SkillValue’s services focus on screening & sourcing candidates to make sure you have the right people working on your project.

Assessed SkillsExperienceNumber of questionsTest Duration
Android QuizIntermediate2020 minutes
Android QuizBeginner2020 minutes

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Assess your Candidates on a Rich Tech-Stack

Hard skills are usually the 1st indicator of expertise, the most clear cut and well-defined set of competencies a candidate must have to be hired. In a field as competitive as tech, this industry training is non-negotiable.

Android tests on the SkillValue platform contain the latest versions of the coding language to ensure your Android Developers’ skills are up to date.



Android Developer evaluation tools by SkillValue are based on an extensive catalog of a wide range of tests and quizzes, allowing you to measure the skills of beginner, intermediate and advanced developers.


Using the SkillValue platform, you can also build custom tests via SmartQuiz by combining questions of your own with those provided on the platform.


Still can’t find the perfect candidate? A database of tested Android developers is made available on our platform, along with their scores and contact information.

In addition, IT recruitment specialists are on hand to assist your recruiting efforts or to strengthen your internal HR teams.

6 Android tests available

30,000+ questions to build your SmartQuiz

+250K technical tests passed via the SkillValue platform

2159 candidates tested in Android


SkillValue allows you to avoid the obstacles that come along with finding, screening and hiring qualified candidates or helping your own brush up on their technical skills.


Our platform gives you unlimited access to a full-stack, user-friendly evaluation tool your recruiters can master, allowing them to find and select the best Android candidates possible with ease.


Feel free to use the SkillValue SaaS tool to measure the effectiveness of your own tech training, the progress of your team or how they fare against coders on our platform. If you’re looking to expand your tech audience or update it with new solutions you can even organize a hackathon!

Evaluate your Android candidates 

Test the progress of your Android developers 

Measure the effectiveness of your Android training 

Bring your tech community to life!


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