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Back-End Developers are essential for any digital project. Working in the background, this kind of developer has huge responsibilities, because they are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the site, working between database, server maintenance, and inter-system settings. With so much at stake, you can’t afford to pick the wrong person.

SkillValue’s SaaS platform offers you many tests to evaluate Back-End Developers on a wide range of technical skills. This allows you to save time in your recruitment process while hiring in a more holistic way, lending greater efficiency to your process.

Programming language mastery, along with solid conceptual and practical understanding of OOP, databases, servers, and development tools are the foundation of sharp back-end development, and truly proficient developers will have many, if not all, of these skills. With SkillValue, you can test for knowledge quickly and get results back immediately.


Assessed SkillsExperienceNumber of questionsTest Duration
Python 3Beginner2020 minutes
PHPAdvanced2020 minutes
Node.jsIntermediate2520 minutes
.NET Core 2Beginner2020 minutes

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Rich and Relevant Tech Stacks


Use SkillValue to test your Back-End Developer candidates’ mastery of programming languages such as PHP, JAVA, C #, Python or Ruby, language-specific frameworks, as well as their understanding of different APIs, cloud computing, development tools like Jenkins, Big Data, and Machine Learning. It all depends on the needs of your project.

SkillValue’s back-end evaluations are regularly updated with the latest technical innovations in order to constantly offer a relevant database.



Through hackathons or quizzes, SkillValue has made it easier, simpler and faster than ever before to evaluate your Back-End Developer candidates. You can also tailor your selection and evaluation criteria by customizing your own SmartQuiz test.


Whether it’s technical tests, hackathons or upgrading your skillset, SkillValue offers you a wide range of HR services that will allow you to launch a successful and functional digital product on the market, faster by reducing recruitment time and targeting to meet your exact needs.


With our easily accessible platform, tech support, and case studies, you can be sure with SkillValue that your recruitment needs are met.


Build your team quickly and efficiently by using the SkillValue. Secure the recruitment of your Back-End Developers via a SaaS solution 100% adapted to your HR challenges.


200+ Back-End tests available

Over 30,000 questions to create your SmartQuiz

Over 250,000 technical tests passed via the SkillValue platform

100,000+ candidates tested in Back-End technologies


Both SkillValue and your company prioritize staying at the forefront of technical and technological innovation. This is why we update our evaluation tools on a regular basis.


The richness of the platform allows you to test candidates on a wide range of skills including JAVA, PHP, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, or Python – as well as frameworks like Node.js, NET Core, Magento, Spring, Django, and Ruby on Rails.


With SkillValue, you can test the knowledge of your Back-End Developer, evolve your team or even challenge an entire tech community.

Assess your Back-End candidates 

Test the progress of your own Back-End Developers

Measure the effectiveness of your Back-End trainings

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