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Bad recruitment costs organizations millions. Not identifying bad recruitment early costs organizations tens of millions. While this has caused many companies to opt for long, tedious recruitment processes to ensure they capture successful hires, this doesn’t work well with highly-specialized professionals like Data Scientists.

SkillValue allows you to quickly and easily select the most relevant Data Science professionals for your business through its SaaS assessment platform. Our tests enable you to effectively assess the analytical capabilities, statistical insights, software engineering, and programming skills (such as R or Python) that this IT professional requires.

Our solution is easy to use, offering you the guarantee of a complete technical evaluation and many other advantages:

  • Technical coverage of Data Science tools (R, Python, SAS) according to your needs
  • Test in multiple-choice question format
  • Algorithm for automatic validation of responses
  • Instant detection of cheating attempts


Assessed SkillsExperienceNumber of questionsTest Duration
Python QuizBeginner2020 minutes
SQL Server QuizIntermediate2525 minutes
Hadoop QuizIntermediate2025 minutes

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Our Rich and Relevant Tech Stack

SkillValue’s testing platform covers a large part of the skills required by a Data Scientist, such as data analysis, statistical knowledge, big data and notions of machine learning to name a few.

For the practical part, the candidate will be evaluated on his/her skills in programming Python, SAS, SQL etc.

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Our wide selection of Data Scientist tests will enable you to assess both junior candidates and experts without difficulty.


Design your own tests to target one or more specific skills; use our pre-built templates to design a custom test. And if you still have trouble finding talent, SkillValue puts at your disposal a selection of candidates already tested.


Our IT recruitment specialists are also available to complement your internal HR teams.


15 Data Science tests available

A pool of +30,000 questions to create your SmartQuiz

+250K technical tests passed via the SkillValue platform

1,184 candidates tested in Data Science


The SkillValue platform makes it easier to hire Data Scientists, as well as other high-skilled development professionals. Our solution boils down to time saved in the recruitment process and assurance in optimal candidate-project matching. Take advantage of our skills assessment platform to evaluate your full-time Data Scientists.


Our Data Science tests can also be used to help your in-house specialists improve their skills by measuring their progress through a periodic assessment via our platform. The community comparison option has been particularly appreciated by our clients who wanted to know how their in-house IT specialists rank when compared to other peers having passed the same tests.


The SkillValue assessment platform has also proven to be a useful tool for evaluating the effectiveness of training sessions and other continuous improvement initiatives.

Evaluate your Data Science candidates 

Test the progress of your Data Scientists

Measure the effectiveness of your Data Science training

Bring your tech community to life


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