Secure the Recruitment of Your Full-Stack Developers with a SaaS 100% Adapted to Your HR Challenges


Finding Full-Stack developers who are perfect for your project can be daunting. Assessing all of your candidates from the beginning is crucial for bringing in the right people, the first time.

SkillValue provides your HR teams with a SaaS platform adapted to the day-to-day activities on the job that assists in the selected candidates’ evaluation. Our solution is comprised of over 500 IT tests, continually updated by our tech teams. With our talent community of over 300,000 people covering every language and framework, we save you time during recruitment with a turnkey solution offering many advantages:

  • Technical coverage tailored to your needs
  • Tests in the form of multiple choice questions;
  • Cheating audits;
  • Automatic and immediate results.

SkillValue tests are suitable for all skill levels: junior, intermediate or expert.


Assessed SkillsExperienceNumber of questionsTest Duration
Full-Stack TestBeginner2020 minutes
Full-Stack TestIntermediate2020 minutes

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Our Rich and Relevant Tech Stack

SkillValue’s tests measure the expected skills for any Full-Stack developer based on their level of experience. Both multiple choice quizzes and real-time quizzes are regularly updated in order to remain at the forefront of technology and closer to the reality of the market.

You can, of course, select your own technologies or customize existing tests to choose the right prospect for your project. With our catalog of Full-Stack development tests, you will be able to confirm that your “shortlisted” candidates actually match your expectations.

JavaScript PHP.NETPythonAngularJSReactJS


SkillValue tests are designed to evaluate Full-Stack developers’ skills at any level. However, we do not neglect that each project is unique, especially the IT ones.


We consider the unique needs of your project by allowing you to customize your own Full-Stack tests using our proprietary SmartQuiz feature, giving you a range of prewritten questions in addition to the ability to create your own.


Finally, if you are having trouble finding the Full-Stack developer your company needs, SkillValue will put IT recruiting specialists at your service to assist you in strengthening your HR teams according to your requirements.

6 Full-Stack Tests available

30,000+ questions to build your SmartQuiz

+250K technical tests passed via the SkillValue platform

2112 candidates tested in Full-Stack development


Transparent and practical, SkillValue’s SaaS Skill Assessment platform is your ally in your IT recruitment process, making choosing the best easier and more efficient.


As part of your current teams’ assessment or job rotations, our platform allows you to evaluate the skills of your Full-Stack employees.


SkillValue also helps plan great team events, like dedicated or open-source hackathons.

Evaluate your Full-Stack Developer candidates 

Test the progress of your own Full-Stack developers 

Measure the effectiveness of your Full-Stack development training 

Bring your tech community to life


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