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You know better than anyone: IT projects are time-sensitive. Assessing your developers’ competence during recruitment is crucial for the success of any business.

Using our SaaS platform, you can evaluate the level of pre-selected candidates. This will let you know immediately if their profile can be easily integrated into your project.

With 1,000+ IT tests, including a variety of JAVA tests, the SkillValue platform is easy to use and fully customizable. Our tests are suitable for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), allowing you to evaluate trainees, junior developers, as well as inhouse JAVA developers.

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JAVA: Rich and Relevant Tech Stack

The assessment of your JAVA developers’ Back-End, Front-End and Mobile skills has never been easier. The SkillValue Java tests make it possible for you to evaluate a candidate’s back-end & front-end Java skillset: OOP, Webservices, EJB, IoC, etc., in addition to other common tools and frameworks like Spring, Maven, Git, log4j etc.

A turnkey solution, SkillValue allows you to test developers for their technical expertise and abilities required for the creation of Back-End applications.

To keep up with your needs, SkillValue regularly updates the test catalog by means of collaboration with technical experts. This way you will always find tests on the latest technology trends.

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Customized JAVA Assessment

With SkillValue, you have a powerful and effective toolkit in your hands to evaluate the abilities of different types of professionals.
We offer various exercises to assess the skills of your JAVA profiles such as quizzes, IT tests, competitions and SmartQuiz. All these tests are aimed at measuring the level of JAVA knowledge, as well as seeing how the developer codes.


If you are looking for a particular profile, SkillValue also offers specific profile tests, such as JAVA Full-Stack, or JAVA Back-End. The quizzes on our SaaS assessment platform are perfect for all your recruitment needs.


Does your project require various technologies? With the SmartQuiz option, SkillValue gives you the ability to customize your test to the technologies you need. You can browse through our directory of 30,000+ questions to create unique quizzes that match your project.


You can also use SkillValue to evaluate the technical skills of your employees or organize a coding competition within your company as a teambuilding activity.
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More than just a skills assessment platform, SkillValue supports you in the recruitment process, so that you can meet your project deadlines. With our JAVA test catalog, we quickly evaluate the skills of JAVA and Back-End developers to help you select the best of the best.


Have you encountered problems in finding a JAVA developer with relevant experience? SkillValue relies on a private community of more than 400,000 developers, including 38,000+ JAVA developers. Our CTOs are responsible for assessing their skills and conducting a technical validation interview. That way, you can quickly find the right JAVA developer for your IT project, without any problem.


Are you looking for JAVA developers at specialized fairs or Meetups? Create test campaigns accessible by a QR code! Thus, you will be able to assess any potential candidate right at the fair.

61 Java tests available

A pool of 30 000+ questions to create your SmartQuiz

450K+ technical tests were passed on the SkillValue platform

37 000+ Java candidates tested

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