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Regardless if you’re a big company or a startup, recruiting developers is never an easy task. Is there a way to recruit developers without spending hours on the search for relevant candidates and interviews? How to make sure they have the required qualities & skills? How to assess the level of different JavaScript developers in order to select the best candidate or to build a team with complementary qualities?

To all these questions you will find an answer on the SkillValue SaaS platform. With a catalog of 1,000+ tests, SkillValue offers you a diversified selection of JavaScript assessments that are adapted to all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). This will allow you to evaluate the technical skills of your future JavaScript collaborators.

With quizzes or online competitions, SkillValue offers you the ability to quickly and easily assess the technical skills of JavaScript developers. To get 100% desired results for your recruitment campaign you can set your success indicators.

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JavaScript: Our Rich and Relevant Tech Stack


As we have a variety of available assessment options on the SkillValue SaaS platform, you can evaluate your future JavaScript developer on a number of particular and complex subjects. For example, proficiency in specific frameworks & technologies (NodeJS, ReactJS, VueJS, Angular, Ionic, React Native, Electron etc.). Or various development and testing tools such as GIT, Jenkins, Docker, NoSQL, AWS, etc.

One can easily use a series of JavaScript & its technology stack tests to determine the knowledge level or practical abilities of JavaScript developers who use different frameworks.

SkillValue’s IT recruitment specialists maintain the utmost level of quality. We work with technical experts to update the tests offered on the platform, on a regular basis, keeping test parameters up-to-date with the latest technical developments.

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Customized JAVA Assessment

The JavaScript skill assessment service, available on the SkillValue platform, is an answer to your recruitment or progress needs.


Choose your assessment options: SmartQuiz, multiple choice questions or a coding competition.
With SkillValue, you can evaluate your future employees’ skillset through a variety of tests tailored to all levels of experience and technologies that include or similar to JavaScript, in addition to quizzes for particular profiles, for example, Front-End development.


Looking for a profile with competencies in JavaScript, ReactJS or NodeJS for your project? Create your own customized tests with the SmartQuiz feature on the SkillValue platform. SmartQuiz will help you create unique tests by selecting questions from our catalog based on the technology needed and difficulty level.


With SkillValue, in addition to evaluating the general technical competencies of your candidates, you can also encourage your inhouse teams to take part in our coding competitions. It’s a great opportunity to challenge your team, while evaluating its competencies!


You can assess your JavaScript developers remotely or on your own premises with our SkillValue platform!
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Focus fully on the creation of your digital product, while SkillValue will center its activity on recruitment and saving your time with the help of a regularly updated base of JavaScript and Front-End tests.


If you find it difficult to recruit JavaScript developers, SkillValue has got you covered, with a talent pool of 400,000+ developers. Our IT recruitment specialists can find the ideal profile for your project among the 10,211 JavaScript developers who are part of our private community. SkillValue professionals will also assist you in assessing the candidates’ skills by conducting a technical validation interview.


The SkillValue platform allows you to create test campaigns accessible via a simple QR code. This makes it possible to evaluate JavaScript developers through their phones!



60 JavaScript tests available

A pool of +30 000 questions to create your SmartQuiz

450K+ technical tests passed on our platform

5, 475 JavaScript candidates tested

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