Secure the recruitment of Your Mobile Developers via a SaaS 100% adapted to your tech Challenges


Are you an entrepreneur with a budding mCommerce business, a digital native with daring growth objectives or a traditional business seeking to extend its presence through mobile?

If you’re looking to reach a mobile audience and need your digital product to be more responsive than ever, you need developers. But, how do you know the team you’re working with has the skills you need to bring your vision to life?

The overwhelming majority of recruiters and business owners put finding qualified developers at the very top of their list of difficulties when starting a new project.

By giving you access to a pool of tested and certified developers, SkillValue helps you bypass the most exhaustive part of building a successful digital product.

Our platform offers 500+ IT tests, including several dedicated exclusively to mobile application development to thoroughly assess the technical competence of your candidates.

Assessed SkillsExperienceNumber of questionsTest Duration
React Native QuizIntermediate2020 minutes
Android QuizBeginner2020 minutes
iOS QuizAdvanced1510 minutes

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Assess your Candidates on a Rich Tech-Stack

Presented in the form of multiple choice questions, our assessments run the gamut from testing the algorithmic level of the candidate with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) functions, variables, loops, conditions, exceptions & asynchronous control to framework knowledge evaluation and mobile-oriented language testing with Python, Java, BuildFire.js. and PHP.

Our Mobile Application Development tests include:

  • Mobile Web Development (Html5, AngularJS, JQuery, & React)
  • Native mobile Development (Swift/Objective-C for IOS, Java/Kotlin for Android, .Net/Silverlight for Windows)
  • Hybrid Mobile Development (Xamarin, Reactive Native)



To add flexibility to our Mobile Assessment offer, we have created a fully customizable section of our platform known as SmartQuiz. SmartQuiz is made up of a pool of over 30,000 questions provided by the SkillValue platform to help build personalized tests.


In addition to the questions provided by the platform, SmartQuiz enables you to integrate those of your own and randomizes each questionnaire so that each applicant’s test is unique and best suited to their abilities.


SkillValue also has a panel of certified mobile developers and IT recruitment experts ready to advise your recruiters on best practices when hiring developers.

8 Mobile tests available

30,000+ questions to build your SmartQuiz

+250K technical tests passed via the SkillValue platform

4382 candidates tested in Mobile


SkillValue provides foolproof and reliable evaluation services that ensure that you recruit only the best mobile developers based on merit.

  • First, you begin by assessing the mobile technical skills of your candidates.
  • Then, you can simplify your recruitment process by selecting those with the best results.
  • Afterwards, you have the option to compare your existing technical team’s (if you have one) mobile competence with the current market. This also allows you to measure the effectiveness of your own in training in mobile technologies.
  • Finally, by evaluating your candidates and your tech community, you can build a team of developers who have the exact skills necessary to build your product.

While you might have an innovative idea – one that looks to solve an everyday problem – without the right team, your dream can just as easily end up in orbit and ready for someone else to pick up where you left off.

If you need help building a solid team of mobile developers, log onto the SkillValue platform to start your free trial now.

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