Ensure your .NET developer recruitment strategy is totally in line with your client’s challenges


Recruiting .NET developers to ramp up a team or scale up an existing one can raise questions and concerns within your organization, revolving around the continuity of deadlines and budget, or whether or not your candidates have the necessary technical knowledge to complete a successful project.

In order to save time recruiting and ensure your candidates complete your project, SkillValue offers you the opportunity to test their .NET development skills via its SaaS platform. Test your teammates’ .NET skills through multiple-choice quizzes, hackathons, or SmartQuizzes (tests random multi-competences) to get the best assessment value to fuel recruitment intelligence and accelerate team structuring.

The platform also offers you the opportunity to import your own evaluations and .NET tests. SkillValue has also developed a cheating detection feature; so there are no surprises about the developer you pick. We ensure you that you will recruit the team members that best suit your needs.


Assessed SkillsExperienceNumber of questionsTest Duration
.NET Core 2Beginner2020 minutes
ASP.NET MVC 5Intermediate2020 minutes
Full-Stack .NETIntermediate3030 minutes
C# 6.0Intermediate2020 minutes

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A Rich & Relevant Tech Stack


Through its rich catalog of .NET quizzes, Skillvalue helps you assess the skills of your potential recruits in a variety of ways. Whether or not they’re aware of the latest .NET versions, control the whole stack like .NET Core, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Telerik or Xamarin, SkillValue’s assessments will validate or invalidate any resume.

The SkillValue platform not only offers a wide range of tests covering all technologies, it adapts and evolves to match the latest tech versions too.



With its diverse and rich catalog of skill evaluations, SkillValue helps you save time recruiting outside talent, reducing your time-to-market. By personalizing your candidates’ technical skills assessments, you are certain to find the candidate who will stand out from the crowd and have the skills you’re looking for.


No matter whether or not you have enough time to recruit, the Skillvalue platform also offers its .NET developer recruitment specialists in order to help you to reduce your workload, with its talent pool database of 26,694 developers, including 12,415 candidates already tested in .NET.



7 .NET tests available

Over 30,000 questions to create your SmartQuiz

Over 250,000 technical tests passed via the SkillValue platform

12,415 candidates tested in .NET


Setting up a .NET developer team is an important and decisive step to a successful project. Customizing your tests to cover the latest tech is crucial in keeping your team’s skill up to date.


You can also use the SkillValue assessment solutions to challenge your in-house .NET developers with a test covering the latest .NET platform versions or a custom-built quiz to measure a more precise combination of skills.


Scale up their knowledge level by constantly measuring their progress and pushing them to evolve or by evaluating the effectiveness of the training sessions delivered to your team.

Assess your .NET candidates 

Test the progress of your own .NET developers

Measure the effectiveness of your .NET trainings

Engage with your tech community


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