Hire PHP Developers via a SaaS platform 100% Adapted to Your HR Challenges.


Selecting PHP developers with the right technical skills is a complex, tedious and time-consuming process, and you have probably experienced that already.

Laravel, Magento or PrestaShop are only a few of the tools in the PHP development race. All platforms release new versions periodically to serve increasingly higher expectations in terms of speed, security, performance and ease of use. This makes it even more difficult for HR Specialists to keep up the pace and be sure they select the right match when it comes to hiring a PHP developer.

SkillValue provides you with a flexible and transparent SaaS PHP skill assessment platform, giving you the freedom to find the most relevant candidate, with the right skillsets.

Whether you need PHP developers to create an online store, custom web applications, or an e-learning platform, SkillValue will assist you in creating a shortlist of candidates smoothly and efficiently.

Boost the efficiency of your recruitment process and optimize your resources.

With over 500 tests covering more than 160 technical skills, SkillValue simplifies and speeds up the recruitment process through a turnkey assessment solution providing:

  • Back-end, front-end, or full-stack technical skill coverage
  • Time-limited Multiple Choice tests
  • Algorithms for immediate validation
  • Effective mechanisms to distinguish cheating

The tests available on the SkillValue platform have varying degrees of difficulty and can evaluate PHP developers of any level, from beginner to senior.

Assessed SkillsExperienceNumber of questionsTest Duration
PHP 7 QuizBeginner2020 minutes
Laravel QuizAdvanced2020 minutes
Magento 2 QuizIntermediate2015 minutes

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Assess Your PHP Candidates on a Rich Tech-Stack

The PHP quizzes available on the SkillValue platform measure the most sought-after technical skills of a talented PHP developer: OOP, PHP environment, syntax, arrays, constants, variables, functions, operators, exceptions, control structures, etc.

The tech skills you can assess via SkillValue cover the latest language versions and key frameworks a PHP developer must master to deliver value-added solutions: Laravel, Magento, ReactJS, Angular, VueJS, and more.

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Our PHP developer assessment capabilities rely on our rich catalog of tests, allowing you to evaluate back-end, front-end, or full-stack skills of any level.


You can also create your own test – a SmartQuiz, which is a custom-built test you can set up by combining existing quizzes, adding or removing questions to cover as the precise skillset your team needs.


If you are struggling finding the right candidate, you can access our exclusive talent pool of tested candidates and enlist the help of our IT recruitment specialists to distil the top-notch PHP developer you are looking for to scale up your team.

50+ PHP tests available

30,000+ questions to build your SmartQuiz

+250K technical tests passed via the SkillValue platform

20,785 candidates tested in PHP


With a hands-on, practical approach to programming, you can use the SkillValue platform to overcome any challenges during the selection and assessment of your PHP developers.


With SkillValue you will have access to a full-stack evaluation service which, in the hands of your recruitment team, will allow them to quickly distil the best candidates for the job.


You can also use our SaaS assessment solution to measure the technical knowledge of your in-house PHP developers or determine if the training sessions you have set up meet your expectations in terms of skill growth.


If you want to build up your tech community, or to make them engage further with your brand through a unique experience, you can use the SkillValue platform to organise a dedicated hackathon.


Evaluate your PHP candidates 

Test the progress of your PHP Developers

Measure the effectiveness of your PHP training

Bring your tech community to life


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