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To staff and complete a project, you must be able to identify and qualify shortlisted candidates to verify or invalidate their adequacy for the project.

SkillValue offers you a turnkey solution for skills assessment via its Ruby on Rails quizzes and hackathon catalog.

We put several hundred technical tests at your disposal for accelerating your recruitment process. You can choose the required technical coverage (back-end, front-end or full-stack) and the degree of difficulty. With SkillValue, you can easily evaluate the skills of both junior and senior developers.

Tests are validated algorithmically: precision and practicality are the strengths of this solution.

Assessed SkillsExperienceNumber of questionsTest Duration
Ruby on Rails TestBeginner2020 minutes
Ruby on Rails TestIntermediate2025 minutes

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Our Rich and Relevant Tech Stack

The Ruby on Rails quizzes allow HR to evaluate the technical skills expected of any Ruby on Rails developer at any level. Our SkillValue test can evaluate every candidate on every subject, from Ruby and Rails’ MVC model to how to master meta-programming while retaining code quality. Mastering the language or a framework is imperative, but writing clean code is just as important. At SkillValue, we assure you of it.

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Our Ruby on Rails evaluation tests are designed to cover the overall skills expected of a developer.


However, it is quite possible to customize your Ruby on Rails test via our SmartQuiz feature.


You will be able to check specific skills for your project.


Finally, you also have access to the pool of candidates tested by SkillValue, as well as our IT recruitment support to assist you in your recruitment process.

6 Ruby on Rails tests available

30,000+ questions to build your SmartQuiz

+250K technical tests passed via the SkillValue platform

2112 candidates tested in Ruby on Rails


SkillValue helps you hire Ruby on Rails developers effectively and efficiently. With a customizable, on-demand evaluation service, we cover the full range of skills expected from a developer, regardless of experience level.


You can use the SkillValue SaaS assessment solution to measure the performance and progress of your in-house developers or evaluate the effectiveness of specific training sessions delivered to your team.


SkillValue also supports you later on, for example, by helping you organize internal hackathons to stimulate your teams or challenge your community.

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Measure the effectiveness of your Ruby on Rails training 

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