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Why should I work with an

IT Freelancer?

Need a specific skill for a limited time? Just started your business & don’t have the budget to recruit? Kick off or boost your tech project & work with a freelancer. Whenever. Wherever.

Full-Stack Developers, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, Product Managers, SEO Experts.

Let us help you strengthen your teams, optimize your budget & stay ahead of the competition.


Save time on your project description

Rather than writing out a lengthy project description you will exchange directly with  one of our experienced CTOs or Talent Acquisition Experts in the software development field. This one on one discussion is more effective than writing out a list of specifications.

Our CTOs defines your technical challenges and freelancers are ready to solve them.

Missions begin by defining technical challenges and identifying what IT profiles are needed to overcome them. This also includes accurately defining the architecture of your project and outlining your communication style which will help to avoid misunderstandings. This process will ensure that your freelancers will clearly understand your vision while ensuring a strong integration with your team.

We assess the hard and soft skills of freelances to find you the best.

So far we have assessed over 400 000 developers using 700+ different tests that cover 160 technical skills. With this ever-growing community we are able to find the IT profiles that meet the criteria for all types of projects.

To create your freelance team our CTOs will interview a shortlist of developers to further assess their tech skills as well as their understanding of the architecture you already have in place or want to create. Combining our skill assessment tool with an intensive interview process allows us to create a final list of developers for you to choose from.

Choose your freelancers and start.

All you have to do is choose between the freelancers that we have identified for you. Once you made your choice your project will be ready to start immediately. It is quick and e