100% of our freelance front-end missions are selected by our CTOs


Our CTOs analyze and define each back-end developer’s freelance mission, matching them to clients with compatible objectives, deliverables, technical specifications, and technology stacks for their skill level. They also furnish each developer with user story backlogs and detailed specifications for Agile projects prior to the start of any mission.

Whether on web, desktop, embedded or IoT, the freelance projects you will be working on are adapted to your expertise. And, as a member of the SkillValue community, you will also have the chance to select your own back-end projects.

Project types include:

  • Exploiting back-end capabilities of Node.js, Golang, PHP, or Python to develop e-learning, leisure or media tools
  • Developing e-commerce platforms using PHP, Javascript, or .NET
  • Refactoring existing tools or migrating applications to new technologies
  • Implementing continuous deployment, integration, and delivery processes
  • Designing microservice architectures interconnected through secure APIs
  • Using Machine Learning, Big Data analytics, DevOps, and Cloud Computing

Our Freelance Back-End Development Missions


Available MissionsTechnologiesCompanyCity
Back-End DeveloperPHP 7, JavaScriptEcommerceLondon
Back-End Developer.NET, C#, EntityFramework, MS AzureStartupLondon (remote possible)
Back-End DeveloperJAVA, Spring, Hibernate, DockerFinTechLondon
Back-End DeveloperPython, Machine LearningMedTechLondon


Join innovative & rewarding
back-end freelancing projects

Our freelance missions will help you boost your back-end development skillsets in web, desktop, embedded or IoT platforms. We have partnered with top startups and technology companies to offer you high-value back-end development projects using cutting edge technology, such as Python, Azure, Scala, Node.js, Java, .NET, and PHP. Certify your skills to raise your profile with future clients.



SkillValue uses highly optimized selection criteria shaped by our experienced CTOs to match you with your clients, ensuring a healthy working relationship.


In addition, payments are processed and delivered on a monthly basis depending on the daily rate you set when you started your mission, so there’s no need to worry about issues from freelance-managed missions in classic mode.


We work with you after each project to ensure contracts, invoices, and payments are all fulfilled, providing you with peace of mind so that you can focus on code.

All Back-End missions are handpicked by our CTOs

Daily Rate is set by the freelancer

The SkillValue team takes care of contract management

Receive monthly payments

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Use your SkillValue membership to access meetups and hackathons to help you chart your career in the right direction. Take advantage of our 1,000 coding exercises and tests to help you sharpen your technical skills.


Subscribe to rewarding freelance back-end products on an ad-hoc, recurring, or full-time basis. You can also become a “franchisee” freelancer if you want to pursue entrepreneurial projects with particular clients. This will help you to retain customers and optimize your project flow.


If you are ready to commit to a full-time contract, at any point you have the alternative of a collaboration with a client at Pentalog, the digital & tech service provider SkillValue is part of.

1,000 tests to certify your tech skills

Attend meetups focused on learning and knowledge sharing

Take advantage of multiple opportunities via the Pentalog platform

An experienced CTO will act as your agent to help develop your career

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