100% of SkillValue’s JavaScript missions are evaluated by our seasoned CTOs.


Forget about the painstaking process of searching for a mission alone. Our solution is geared to assist you at every stage. Our CTO’s are knowledgeable about all the details related to software architecture, agility and product engineering to help you make the most of out your freelancing experience.

As soon as you become a part of the SkillValue community, we will connect you to new ways to grow, professionally.

Freelance JavaScript developers who join our missions are given the opportunity to participate actively in the implementation & design of multi-platform mobile apps applying React Native, Ionic, or PhoneGap, using Artificial Intelligence, VR, or Machine Learning algorithms.

Before meeting with your new client, our CTO will share all available project specs, including the backlog. This will ensure you are confident as you start to define deliverables alongside project leaders.

London – The Top European Investment Capital

In the next few years, GP Bullhound expects that UK will be a leader among the for fastest growing companies in all of Europe.

In terms of popularity, London is poised to compete among the likes of cities such as Silicon Valley.

In just 3 years, London-based enterprises received a whopping 5.3 billion dollars in investment.  Additionally, just last year, local authorities have set the “Smarter London Together” roadmap in motion.

Available MissionsTechnologiesCompanyCity
JavaScript DeveloperJavaScript, HTML, CSSAdTechLondon
JavaScript DeveloperJavaScript, Electron, Ionic, VueJS, NodeJSSkillValueLondon (remote possible)
JavaScript DeveloperJavaScript, AngularJS, Angular, React, VueStartupLondon
JavaScript DeveloperJavaScript, NodeJS, VueJS, React, Angular, MongoDB, AWSEdTechLondon


Join Innovative & Rewarding JavaScript Freelancing Projects

Want to exercise your expertise as a front-end specialist or full-stack developer? Using our platform, you will be able to take on a variety of different missions serving various industries from E-commerce, EdTech and FinTech to IoT.

With SkillValue, freelancing is an enjoyable, stress-free activity. Join us to work with 450 innovative companies and 7 unicorn startups!

You will gain valuable experience, while upgrading your CV and getting noticed among new clients.

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Mission first

Start your new freelancing experience off smoothly with the help of our CTOs. They will guide you through the entire process ensuring you a secure and fruitful experience.


Life as a Freelance JavaScript Developer is demanding – so why waste your time with unnecessary administrative work? Especially, when someone else can successfully take on the responsibility for activities like billing and contractual relationships? Dedicate yourself to only your project and receive monthly payments according to the approved daily rate. It is that easy.


When you are ready to take on new challenges, SkillValue facilitates a healthy work environment for you with several openings such as:

All JavaScript missions are handpicked by our CTOs

Daily Rate is set by the freelancer

The SkillValue team takes care of contract management

Receive monthly payments

Stay up to date & level-up

Receiving missions is not the only benefit to joining the SkillValue community. Do not miss your chance to:

  • Evaluate your expertise on popular technologies and coding languages with 1,000 tests
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