100% of our Mobile missions in London are vetted and selected by SkillValue CTOs to help you distil the very best that freelancing has to offer.


At SkillValue, we strive to create an environment where our freelancers feel empowered to work towards professional goals without being bogged down by not having enough details to start coding.

So, you have your mission. What now?

  1. Preparation. You will receive an outline of the project and specs to prepare you for your first meeting with the client.
  2. Agility. You are given access to the full mission statement & user stories for each sprint.
  3. Deliverables. You will join your project leader to define deliverables for your project.
  4. Once all the details have been discussed & agreed upon, you can get coding!

SkillValue missions are diverse & allow you to put your development skills to use in a wide variety of projects like:

  • Covering all stages of the Mobile Development process
  • Using cross-platform mobile development frameworks like React Native & Xamarin
  • Application of Algorithms: Machine Learning, AI, AR & VR
  • Developing mobile applications for a variety of industries like MedTech, EdTech, Biotech, eCommerce etc.

London – Euro Capital of Tech Innovation

Senior leaders at international companies see London as a prime location for global teams, according to Tech.London.

4,700+ start-ups have chosen to plant their roots in the UK capital, a 14% increase compared to the previous year and recruitment platforms currently place the number of available Mobile Developer jobs in London at over 1,200.

Our Freelance Mobile Development Missions


Available MissionsTechnologiesCompanyCity
Mobile DeveloperiOS, AndroidEcommerceLondon (remote possible)
Mobile DeveloperiOS, AndroidIoT StartupLondon
Mobile DeveloperIonic, CordovaBanking SectorLondon (remote possible)
Mobile DeveloperXamarin, .NETDistribution Software PublisherLondon


Join Freelance Mobile for Innovative & Fulfilling Projects

Are you an iOS and/or Android applications developer? Or, maybe you “speak” Swift, Java or Kotlin on a daily basis?

Regardless of your profile, we will find a mission that helps build your portfolio and elevate your career.

To showcase your skills on your LinkedIn page or CV, take one of our tests here and get certified!

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Mission First

At SkillValue, we allow you to fully enjoy the experience of being a freelancer in a professional environment.
Our CTO will accompany you along the way to ensure a smooth transition into the mission.


While working on your project, we will handle everything related to contractual relationship, monthly payment and billing – leaving you to devote your time completely to the mission.

All Mobile missions are handpicked by our CTOs

Daily Rate is set by the freelancer

The SkillValue team takes care of contract management

Receive monthly payments

Stay up to date & Level-up


When joining our platform, you will gain access to a range of additional opportunities to grow your network, enhance your skills and enrich your career.


Take over 1,000 tests on our SaaS assessment platform and receive certifications that can be displayed on your LinkedIn page or CV!


Participate in our London meetups of join us for the SkilValue Tour to meet likeminded experts or potential clients! Increase your visibility and win prizes by participating in coding competitions!


Earn extra income by joining our freelance affiliate program!


1,000 tests to certify your tech skills

Attend meetups focused on learning and knowledge sharing

Take advantage of multiple opportunities via the Pentalog platform

An experienced CTO will act as your agent to help develop your career

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