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SkillValue brings a deep technical legacy through years of close collaboration with its parent company, Pentalog, a leading global IT outsourcing provider.

We know how to leverage decades of experience perfecting a comprehensive assessment process to find the best talent – a process we’ve used ourselves at Pentalog to recruit top engineers.

Over the past 25 years, Pentalog has hired tens of thousands of developers providing superior service for worldwide brands such as Adidas, Tripadvisor, Made.com, and NEOBRAIN, to name a few.

Every test we share is one we’ve used ourselves and every new insight we gather about recruitment is folded into these tools. When we promise the Top 5% of Tech Freelancers, we deliver.

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Talk to one of the coders to confirm your choice, then start collaborating immediately. We take care of the whole administrative and accounting part.


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