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You will not have to waste your time working on projects that are doomed to fail. All of our projects are selected only after an experienced SkillValue CTO consults with your future customers on their technical architecture.

Projects availableSoftware neededCompanyTime
Software ArchitectPHPMedTech1 year
Data Vizualisation EngineerD3JS, Javascript, CassandraFrench Startup
who raised 20M
4 month
Back-End DeveloperPython, MongoDB, MicroservicesEcommerce2 month
Full-Stack DeveloperReactJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQlB2B Marketplace5 month


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Whether you choose a frontend, backend, or fullstack position you will be able to add another interesting entry to your CV. We are currently working with 7 unicorns and nearly 500 startups who are using the most innovative technologies on the market. Python, Ruby, NodeJS, Ionic, and React are among the most used technologies by our customers.


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Whether you work as a freelancer or an employee you will boost your career as a developer by working with SkillValue. It is also possible to work with customers of the Pentalog platform, the leading tech partner for software publishers.

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