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Our process is simple. After picking a mission based on your skills, interests and goals, a SkillValue CTO will provide an outline of specs to prepare you for the project. For projects organized according to Agile Methodologies, your work will be divided into sprints.

According to each sprint, you will receive the client’s mission statement or user stories. If the project follows another methodology, you will receive all the project specifications before taking on the mission. You will also have a sit-down with project leaders to define deliverables.

Your new mission will allow you to gain experience with the most relevant languages and technologies on the market today such as .NET Framework 4.x, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET MVC/Web API or tackle with native app development with Xamarin. In addition, you will also get the chance to work on applications powered by Microservices architectures or hosted in Cloud environments.

London – European Unicorn Capital

In 2018, London produced more unicorn businesses and attracted more foreign direct investment than any other European city, according to London & Partners.

With many business looking to sow their roots in the country capital, particularly the FinTech & EdTech sectors – the city has been and will remain a giant in the innovation industry.

Our Freelance .NET Development Missions


Available MissionsTechnologiesCompanyCity
.NET Developer.NET Core, AngularJS, MS AzureAR/VR PlatformLondon (remote possible)
.NET Developer.NET, C#, EntityFramework, MS AzureFinTech StartupLondon
.NET Developer.NET, ASP.NET, MVC, JavaScript/td>Software publisher for the smart energy sectorLondon
.NET Developer.NET, JavaScript, MS AzureB2B Certification specialistLondon (remote possible)


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Boost your CV by becoming part of your community. We work with 7 unicorns and 450 startups who all use the latest & greatest technologies on the market.

Because each .NET project is different, you will be given opportunity to immerse yourself in the various roles and stages of bringing a digital product to fruition – from designing and developing custom features, revamping underperforming platforms to creating new applications from scratch.

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Mission first

First projects can be a difficult first step for developers. Our CTOs match you with projects that meet your skill level, providing personalised support and coaching.


To get the most out of your freelance mission, SkillValue will handle your payment, billing and contractual relationship leaving you to focus on your area of expertise.


When you decide you’re ready for new challenges and projects, SkillValue will send them your way.

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