100% of our PHP freelance missions in Cambridge are selected by our CTOs.


SkillValue can help you find the best freelance PHP development missions in Cambridge.

Enrich your career, beginning with just a few short steps. When you’re ready to begin, our CTO will help your prepare to meet your client by giving you a detailed mission description. For each sprint, you will have access to mission statement and user stories to ensure agility throughout the project. Together with the project leader, you will define mission deliverables.

Apply your knowledge and expertise to a variety of missions including:

  • E-commerce projects using Magento or PrestaShop
  • Custom-made applications, using technologies like Laravel, Zend or CakePHP
  • Platform update and code refactoring

Cambridge, “Silicon Fen”

Cambridge is home to one of the most renowned universities in the world as well as Europe’s largest technology cluster. With more than £2.4 billion in digital tech business turnover, the city is an attraction not just for tourists, but for Silicon Valley giants.

The name Cambridge has become synonymous with academia as some of the brightest minds from all 4 corners of the globe choose to study there. It’s no secret this might be why approximately 160 digital tech businesses choose to sew their roots in Cambridge annually – creating over 36,600 high tech jobs. Many startups born straight out of Cambridge University have gone on to flourish in industries like software and bioscience.

Our Freelance PHP Development Missions


Available MissionsTechnologiesCompanyCity
PHP DeveloperPHPMedTechCambridge
PHP DeveloperPHP, JavaScriptStartupCambridge (remote possible)
PHP DeveloperPHP 7EcommerceCambridge
PHP DeveloperPHP, DevOpsB2B MarketplaceCambridge (remote possible)


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Are you a Front-End, Back-End or Full-Stack developer? Whatever your expertise, we are on hand to help you reach your professional goals with projects that use the most relevant technologies of today like Magento, JavaScript & Laravel.

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Mission First

Start your freelance PHP mission in optimal agile conditions now!


After joining SkillValue, an experienced CTO with choose a project for you, keeping your best interests and core competencies top of mind.


On top of that, you’ll be given the freedom to work only on your project while SkillValue takes care of the contractual relationship, payment and billing.


When you are ready and willing to take on new missions, we will send them your way!

All PHP missions are handpicked by our CTOs

Daily Rate is set by the freelancer

The SkillValue team takes care of contract management

Receive monthly payments

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Being part of the SkillValue community will give you access to even more opportunities. You can:

  • Evaluate your skills on our SaaS platform (600+ tests and coding exercises) and add the results to your CV or LinkedIn profile.
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  • Show off your skills at our coding competitions & get noticed by your peers!

With SkillValue, you can choose to continue taking on new projects or even become part of our freelancer franchisee program.

At the same time, whenever you are ready to start working full-time, we’ll be more than happy to have you work alongside us here at Pentalog.

600+ tests to certify your tech skills

Attend meetups focused on learning and knowledge sharing

Take advantage of multiple opportunities via the Pentalog platform

An experienced CTO will act as your agent to help develop your career

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