100% of SkillValue’s freelance projects are selected and vetted by our own CTOs to save you time and effort.


How it works:

  • First, our CTO will provide you with an outline of project specs in order to prepare for your first meeting with the client.
  • Then, you will receive access to your client’s mission statement or user stories for each sprint in the context of an Agile organization model.
  • Finally, deliverables will be defined with your project leaders

Work on exciting projects like:

– eCommerce solutions using Magento and Drupal

– “From scratch” websites or personalised web applications

– Platform updates and code rewrite to boost performance & efficiency

London Tech Expansion

Ranking in £64.1 billion in digital tech business turnover, London is the largest city in the UK with a population of almost 9 million.

As a European epicentre of start-up culture, the city has long been revered as a tech hub – and has no plans of slowing down any time soon.

From driverless cars in Greenwich to wheelchairs controlled by facial expressions, London has recently spearheaded a number of lucrative and socially impactful projects, making it a vast playground for those looking to kickstart a business.

With fields such as FinTech, A.I and Blockchain set to take centre stage in the growth of start-ups and early stage growth companies, London continues to attract the best entrepreneurial talent.

Our Freelance PHP Development Missions


Available MissionsTechnologiesCompanyCity
PHP DeveloperPHPMedTechLondon
PHP DeveloperPHP, JavaScriptStartupLondon (remote possible)
PHP DeveloperPHP 7EcommerceLondon
PHP DeveloperPHP, DevOpsB2B MarketplaceLondon (remote possible)


Join Freelance PHP
for Innovative & Fulfilling Projects

Whether you specialize in Front-End, Back-End or Full-Stack development, the missions we recommend are carefully selected to keep you engaged & boost your CV by showcasing your expertise in technologies like Magento, JavaScript or Laravel.

Assess your technical skills now and add them to your CV. Become a certified PHP developer here!

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Freelance PHP in Agile-Mode

Start your Freelance PHP developer project in Agile mode now. At Pentalog, we recognize the disadvantages that can come along with the freedom of being a freelancer.


After being matched with the perfect project, you will work alongside our CTO during your first mission to ensure a smooth professional transition.


You can dedicate your time, energy and passion to the project without being bogged down by details. SkillValue will manage your contractual relationship, monthly payment and billing.

All PHP missions are handpicked by our CTOs

Daily Rate is set by the freelancer

The SkillValue team takes care of contract management

Receive monthly payments

Stay up to date & level-up

Become a member of the SkillValue community and:

  • Test your technical skills using our SaaS assessment platform of 1,000 tests and add certifications to your CV or LinkedIn profile.
  • Join us at our London tech meetups.
  • Rank yourself against others in the tech community by participating in coding competitions and get noticed!

With SkillValue, you can continue to take on new projects or become part of our “freelance franchisee” program.


At Pentalog, you also have opportunity to try full-time work using agile methods in projects supported by our full stack digital platform.

1,000 tests to certify your tech skills

Attend meetups focused on learning and knowledge sharing

Take advantage of multiple opportunities via the Pentalog platform

An experienced CTO will act as your agent to help develop your career

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