Frontend Developer

Tehnologii : JavaScript
Pozitia : Programator
Sector de activitate : Software / Servicii IT
Oraş : Bucuresti, Sibiu

Ausy Technologies is an international Consulting and Engineering firm in Advanced Technologies with a business model based on innovation and complementary services between information systems and industrial systems.

We are looking for highly innovative and passionate engineers to join our software team that is developing advanced software components for next generation automotive systems.

By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to be part of a high performance and enthusiastic software development team in a secure, pleasant and dynamic work environment.

The current project is focused on a large ERP application. The project focuses on the ‘generic user interface rendering engine’ with 2 main components:

  • Communication component with backend: proprietary data protocol consisting of commands and data structures
  • Presentation widgets (~22) like labels, data grids, different input fields…

Main activities will be:

  • Development of the communication component
  • Development of all widgets
    • Rendering
    • Ability to apply updates to rendered widgets
  • Development of the screen rendering based on screen definitions file and commands/data received via the communication component. Focus on the positioning.
  • Testing (automated and integration tests) based on few customized screen definition file and mocked backend
  • Mimick behavior
  • Fix bugs during quality assurance phase

Main deliverables will be:

  • Build the new AGM generic UI rendering engine in Angular technology
  • Reach identical level of functionality and similar look and feel
  • Reach the exact same behavior

Currently the ‘AGM generic user interface rendering engine exists in two technologies:

  • Delphi (for Windows native installments)
  • Web (Adobe Flex an Java Applet)

The service provider personnel working on Amadeus tasks and in contact with Amadeus or its partners and customers should comply with criteria below:

  • Language: Fluent in English (spoken and written)
  • Education: IT
  • Technical skills: software development skills, Angular5, unit and integration testing, HTML/CSS/Javascript/Typescript, software design skills
  • Familiar with agile methodology (SCRUM or Kanban)
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