We loved 2016 but we’ll adore 2017

2016 was a year to remember. We worked out our creativity muscle and did things that we never thought were possible. We learned more, we had the drive to A/B test almost all our ideas and implement many of them.

The SkillValue platform engaged almost 30 000 people from the digital world, over 4 700 of them being involved in our 18 online competitions.

We launched all the challenges possible for the love of code and digital (Write your first code letter to Santa, I See Dead Code, Code like a Pirate, Voyage Spatial, Jeux de rimes, Jeux d’espions, Developers’ Olympics, Digital & E-commerce Marketing Challenge, Digital Masters, SnapQuiz Challenge) to celebrate the most important discoveries in math or informatics (Fibonnaci number, Crack the DNA, Pi versus Tau), to prove once again that code & algorithms can improve every aspect of our life (#Codeforlife) and to engage coding communities through Challenges for Programmers in Moldova, France, Ireland, Bulgaria, Greece, and the Netherlands.
We teamed up with French and Romanian companies: Pentalog, Expectra, Les Jeudis, Carrefour, Cora.

Learn more from the infographic below:


2017 has all the reasons to teach us more about the IT communities and the ways we can help them to evolve.

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