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Belgium is the 10th country to host Challenges for Programmers. In the last 2 years we have had the chance to virtually meet the best coders from the UK, France, The Netherlands, Romania, The Republic of Moldova, Greece,  Bulgaria, Ireland and Germany. It’s a pleasure to organize this challenge and to interact with so many cultures.

So, starting today (the 5th of April) until the 3rd of May, Challenges for programmers Belgium will allow us to discover more about the Belgian IT community and see beyond stereotypes.logo_cfp_belgeWhat’s the competition about?

Programmers can enter one of its 2 main categories: the student category, dedicated to student programmers and the experienced category, dedicated to programmers who already have a certain amount of work experience in the software development industry.

prizes_cfp_beEach category has its own prizes: an Eachine Quadcopter Drone or Fitbit Charge wristband for the big winners and Raspberry PI devices for the runners-up.

In order to win them, the developers need to know how to code in one of the following programming languages: Java, C#, C++, C, PHP, Python, Ruby.

By entering the competition, the developers can assess their IT skills, benchmark their technical knowledge against that of other software specialists in Belgium, improve their overall coding skills, specifically their algorithmic thinking ones, thus, increasing their employability level, as well, and – on top of that – they have the chance of winning the above mentioned prizes.

We’ve heard so many good things about Belgium’s growing tech scene and innovative startups that we can hardly wait to meet them.

join_now challenges for programmersor challenge a Belgian friend to win a prize and test his limits.

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