The 5 most popular IT tests that helped coders assess their knowledge in October

Study and practice go hand in hand since the beginning of time. On ITtestsOnline we promote continuous learning by helping you to assess / practice your coding skills through quizzes or algorithm exercises. The content is created by experienced developers passionate about coding and finding smart solutions to everyday problems.

In October, over 1 600 coders took almost 3 500 tests or AlgoPlay exercises. The great majority seemed to have enjoyed in particular the following 5 quizzes:


1. PHP 5.6 medium level quiz
Topics: OOP, design patterns, arrays, exceptions, magic methods, databases, indexes, file functions, streams and unit testing.
Last comment sent by Dimitriy: “Probably intentionally, but one of the answers contains a ‘__sleep / __wake’ call, answer which is definitely wrong since the magic wake-up method is ‘__wakeup’“. Thank you Dimitriy, for your valuable feedback. An update was made following your observation. :)
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2. PHP Symfony 2.x medium level quiz
Topics: configuration, bundles, controllers, sessions, templates, routing, caching, validation and Doctrine.
Last comment sent by Alexei: “Some of the questions are too specific and not used in day-by-day activities.”
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3. Java SE 6 beginner level quiz
Topics: Java language syntax, object-oriented programming (inheritance, polymorphism), collections, data types, exceptions.
Last comment sent by Ovidiu: “Great test. You have to change some questions such as those related to interfaces because in Java 8 you can have both static methods and default methods.”
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4. C++ beginner level quiz
Topics: algorithms, instructions, data types, class structures, OOP…
Last comment sent by Stefan: “It’s hard for beginners.
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5. Java SE 7 medium level quiz
Topics: control flow statements, literals, type inference for generic instance creation, try-with-resources statement, catching multiple exception types and re throwing exceptions with improved type checking.
Wisest comment sent by Sam: “Stress less
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The others discovered the 3 competitions (“I see dead code”, “Challenges for programmers” in France and the Netherlands) that were live on the platform. The best participants won cool prizes (3D glasses, Parrot drones, VR headsets, FitBit and Raspberry PI).

For November, we have prepared two more competitions: “Voyage Spatial” and “Fibonacci Day Challenge”.

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