Top 5 most popular tests in February

-  Why do Java developers wear glasses?
-  Because they don’t C#.

Well, in February, C# developers proved that they not only saw sharp, but that they also enjoyed assessing their skills. 3 of the Top 5 most popular technical tests were reserved by the 17-year old programming language.

TOP 5 most pupular IT testsC# is a modern programming language created for building modern software applications for Windows, Web and mobile. Still widely used, it lies at the core of many new applications built for production-ready, scalable systems.  According to Siftery, over 330 companies are using C# in their core development.

Try out your C# skills on the platform via these 3 quizzes:
1. C# 4.0 beginner level quiz
2. .NET C# 4.0 Developer medium level quiz
3.  C# 4.0 medium level quiz

Microsoft has another representative in Top 5, the ASP.NET MVC 4 beginner level quiz. This 20-minute test covers multiple aspects of the MVC 4 framework, as well as general web development topics (security, HTTP).

The PHP 5.6 medium level quiz crashed the .NET party and joined the list of most popular technical tests. This test has already made history since it has been present in almost all tops in the last year.

What’s your favorite test on the platform? Have you tried the AlgoPlay exercises? If yes, we invite you to enter our latest coding competition: Find the Gold.

Can’t wait to hear your feedback :)

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