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.NET Core Developer – Freelance – Full Remote

.NET Core Developer – Freelance – Full Remote

  • Freelancing
  • Remote
  • 21 January 2022
  • 1 position

About the client

Our client works in the printing sector. They are developing ever wider fields of expertise in order to provide tailor-made solutions combining innovative solutions and personalised support.

The mission is 100% remote for a renewable period of one year.

Job description

  • Finalise this graphic redesign by implementing the HTML/CSS/Javascript/ASP.NET Core bricks as accurately as possible, which are then called from the application in Classic ASP and displayed on the screen.
  • The graphic elements to be implemented were provided to us by a creative agency. A very high level of rigour is expected.
  • Take over the platform in Classic ASP and the application in VB6 to ensure debugging in case of incident/blockage.
  • Do all new developments on .NET Core (mainly ASP.NET Core – web pages + webservices API).
  • These are either new features or reimplementation in .NET of existing features (but on old technologies).

Expected skills

  • Seniority in .NET development

Technical skills:

  • ASP.NET Core
  • Razor Pages or MVC
  • C#
  • ORM: Entity Framework on SQL Server
  • Dependency injection: Ninject, or Castle Windsor, etc
  • Logging: Serilog, Nlog
  • HTML, Javascript, CSS
  • Source code repository: Git
  • Visual Studio

Project skills:

  • Agile project development (Scrum/Kanban) and good understanding of functional requirements,
  • Ability to work in a team and communicate,
  • Ability to estimate development time,
  • Ability to work with different branches under Git (Dev, Release, Master).

Clean code:

  • Rigour in computer development,
  • Know how to organise your code in layers (no spaghetti code),
  • Knowledge of SOLID, KISS, YAGNI, DRY practices.