SkillValue Tour 2019 comes to London

What is SkillValue?

SkillValue is your full-stack assessment solution that goes the extra mile to get you the tech services and talent you need.

We are constantly increasing the number and types of technology we use in our quest to be better to our customers, and to learn and do more faster and smarter. In addition, we also feature an assessment platform to measure and test the growth of your colleagues’ IT knowledge, abilities, skills. Finally, they can also compete with other developers both foreign and domestic to gauge their skill levels.


What is the SkillValue Tour?

The SkillValue Tour is a series of tech events gathering people from different fields, such as Recruitment, AI, start-ups, IT and also Freelancing. It will be a great opportunity to compare French & English tech and to exchange ideas.

SkillValue Tour will take place on April 10th at Huckletree West in London, the first coworking space for digital lifestyle startups, a great place for young entrepreneurs, scaleups and innovation teams.


SkillValue Tour Agenda

  1. Freelancers – Monetize the projects you don’t even take on! – 14 PM

meetup-FreelancersYou will have the opportunity to find out how, as a freelancer, you can capitalize on projects opportunities.
Want to learn how to increase your income?  During this event SkillValue’s CTO, Benoit Fillion, will talk about how you can become a SkillValue franchised freelancer.
The event will start with a quick presentation of the program and continue with specifics (progress, agenda, income, etc.), followed by a Q&A session and a chance to network.

  1. Test your idea with a MVP. Production & financing – 14 PM

meetup-mvpIf you have a start-up idea then you can test it with an MVP.
A MVP (Minimum Viable Product) allows you to pilot your idea using a limited amount of resources (time & money). By starting off with an MVP, you will be able to identify if there is interest in your target market and potential clients for your digital product.
During this meetup Eric Gouin, CEO of Pentalabbs and SkillValue, will explain why and how to build your MVP.

  1. Improve your IT recruitment process with skill assessment – 18 PM

meetup-Improve your IT recruitment process with skill assessmentIf you’ve been looking endlessly for qualified developers and couldn’t find the right candidates, SkillValue’s SaaS IT assessment platform can help you improve the pre-selection stage of your recruitment process.
During this Meetup, Eric Gouin, CEO of SkillValue, will present the advantages of the platform through a demo.
Register at SkillValue and take advantage of our offer of 20 free tests for one month.

  1. NodeJS Masterclass – 18PM

meetup - NodeJS MasterclassBenoit Fillon, CTO of SkillVallue (IT testing platform), is offering a special NodeJS Masterclass.
Our NodeJS Masterclass is mainly designed for beginners. During this session, we will go back to basics and finish off with a practical case.
(Source code will be made available on GitHub.)

  1.  Data Science at the core of AI predictive services – 18 PM

meetup - Data Science at the core of AI predictive services Want to find out more about how to work better with AI and Data Science?
During this Meetup, we will talk about Data Science & the technologies used to create Artificial Intelligence. We will also explain the process by which new predictive technologies are designed and implemented.
To illustrate our ideas, we will take the example of a prediction service that we will build and apply together – step by step. The live demo will be carried out using AzureML.
Speaking will be Cornel Fatulescu, CTO of Pentalog.


Last Thoughts

Also, on each SkillValue Tour stop we usually hold a coding competition, so if you want to test your skills in a fun way and win a prize, then join our coding contest – > Star Conqueror London

The space challenge is available in JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, C and Java. Solve the algorithm and win one of the prizes:

  1. 1 ticket to the IJS conference
  2. Google Home Mini
  3. MiniDrone Parrot Mambo

You may have noticed the first prize consists in one ticket to the May International JavaScript Conference 2019 in London. Pentalog & SkillValue will also be present there as exhibitors and speakers. If you want to talk more and exchange ideas, opinions on the latest trends, see you there.