IT Skillset: SkillValue publishes the IT Ranking on the Best Developers in the World

To address the lack of skilled IT professionals and reduce costs, an increasing number of companies have decided to take action by outsourcing IT tasks, partially or fully.
However, pricing should not be the only motivator. Holistically, based on each country’s IT specifications in order to make a fully informed decision.

For the second year in a row, SkillValue is releasing the IT Ranking delving into the best IT skillsets per country in the world.

  • Where are the best developers in the world?

  • Where are the best developers per technology? (Java, Front/Back-End, Python, etc.)

  • What is the average rank of European countries?

  • What is the ranking generated by SkillValue competitions?


Download the SkillValue IT Ranking 2019


The data collected by the SkillValue IT Ranking 2019 helps companies gain a better understanding of each country’s strengths to make an informed decision about where to outsource their tech.

The process of defining the IT skillset ranking in the world

To rank countries according to IT skills, the SkillValue IT Ranking relies on 250,000+ assessments completed by developers all over the world on our SaaS platform. These tests assess over 160 hard skills using 30,000+ technical questions. This approach helps companies objectively compare each country, focusing on hard tech skills in each technology.

Attracting talented devs is becoming more difficult

Recruiting high skilled IT developers is only becoming more challenging. Here are some reasons why:

  • As the IT sector keeps evolving, the demand escalates while training lags behind

  • Lack of experts in advanced technologies

  • Companies often look for experts with strong hard skills and matching job experience reflected by a solid understanding of the environment

To be aligned with the market salary is not enough. IT specialists are attracted to challenges and a new organization pattern.

About SkillValue Competitions

SkillValue SaaS platform organizes several competitions for developers each month where developers solve algorithm exercises in a limited time and in the language of their choice. (Java, C#, PHP, C, C++, Ruby, Python or JavaScript).

To ensure objectivity, students and experienced developers compete in different groups. They are assessed on their logical reasoning and technical skills.

Here are the countries that come first in each language:

  • Java: Mexico

  • C/C++: Serbia

  • PHP: Hungary

  • Python: Slovakia

  • JavaScript: Mexico

  • .NET: Ireland

To learn more about the world best skill ranking, download your copy of the new SkillValue IT Ranking here.


Download the SkillValue IT Ranking 2019