How the market pushed us – LOGICALLY – to merge the SkillValue and Pentalog brands


The merger of the SkillValue and Pentalog platforms is a LOGICAL operational decision: sourcing + evaluation + recruitment + freelancing + outsourcing + consulting, all under the same umbrella and all with the same level of standards and quality! But above all, it is proof that the market has changed and that we will all now be able to focus on the one answer that matters.

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2020 In Review: How SkillValue Adapted to the Crisis and Met Your New Needs


Even though the year started very badly, 2020 still had some positive surprises for SkillValue. The numbers prove it: recruiting is on the rise, freelancers are more in demand than ever, the number of tech tests sent has skyrocketed and our freelance community continues to grow. Let’s look back at the tumultuous, challenging year we faced and how we got through it all with one motto: adaptation.

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SkillValue is Expanding Their Talent Base to the UK Market

skillvalue uk

SkillValue, Pentalog’s flagship IT recruitment and assessment platform, is expanding to the United Kingdom. Starting today, UK businesses will be able to take advantage of SkillValue’s candidate recruitment and assessment capabilities, which helped 100 businesses recruit 500 long-term contractors and freelancers, and offshore and nearshore developers globally in 2018. Our unrelenting focus on value-adding tech […]

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SkillValue Tour 2019 comes to London

What is SkillValue? SkillValue is your full-stack assessment solution that goes the extra mile to get you the tech services and talent you need. We are constantly increasing the number and types of technology we use in our quest to be better to our customers, and to learn and do more faster and smarter. In […]

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Why use SmartQuizzes to recruit your developers?

Test report - SkillValue

SkillValue SmartQuizzes are multi-stack technical tests, carefully curated for a specific range of technical skills. Each applicant receives a different test, featuring a selection of questions on PHP, JavaScript, .Net, React, Angular, CSS, and more. Create your SkillValue account and receive a 10-day free trial – unlimited tests – unlimited applicants. Reason #1 – Every […]

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The new code editor is here

Someone said once “from small beginnings come great things” and reality is here to prove it. 2 years ago, when we first decided to launch a coding platform specially designed for programmers who enjoy a good puzzle and have a problem-solving mindset, the enthusiasm was high but now it’s almost contagious. Why? Well, because of […]

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