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How to Make Better Hiring Decisions Thanks to Online Tests?

The future of work is changing, and so is recruitment. Even before the Covid-19 outbreak – when many companies faced massive disruption and put remote hiring processes and work from home transition plans into place – recruiters have been using online assessment tools for recruitment: phone screens, video calls, researching a candidate’s online presence, and more.

To carry on with their business, today, tech companies recruit 100% remotely. Done right, and with the proper online assessment tools for recruitment, virtual hiring brings positive results.

Why Should Companies Use Online Assessment Tools for Recruitment?

To scale, your business needs the best employees, but talent acquisition takes time and effort. Your recruitment process must be flawless to ensure you have found the proper candidates.

Sometimes it’s hard to develop in-house online tests for recruitment that are fully tailored to the positions you want to fill. That’s why my advice is to look for an HR partner that will take the burden of recruitment off your shoulders.

It will help you to:

  • Save time
  • Quickly hire the best candidates
  • Eliminate employee turnover
  • Evaluate current and future employees remotely
  • Assess different profiles on a vast range of technologies

Overall, you will achieve flexibility in creating a responsive and personalized recruitment process by integrating a fresh perspective to generate interest from candidates.

How to Make Your IT Assessment Process More Flexible

The first step is to select the right online assessment tools for recruitment. Customized solutions help you rise above your competitors that may use conventional interviews with a limited ability to assess key competencies.

Second, make sure assessment tools best cater to your business needs.

So, how does customization improve your recruitment process?


  1. Tailored quizzes offer unique test questions to better assess candidates and help you close the position quickly, with better long-term results.

It’s common knowledge that companies use standard tests on certain technologies, so, likely, your candidates have already taken the same test during a previous interview. As a result, these tests become unreliable and irrelevant.

Our tech assessment platform offers an infinite number of personalization options. We have a catalog of 1,00+ pre-defined IT tests and 30.000+ multiple-choice tech questions covering more than 160 technical skillsets, adapted to all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

  1. It may be difficult to find skills tests that directly match a specific skill or technology or one related to your software.

Most of the available candidate assessment tools focus on general technologies, or you can only use them with a specific methodology or buy them in combination with other services.

The SkillValue SaaS platform offers the option to customize the test catalog by adding your own tests covering specific expertise and skills.

To date, we’ve tailored tests for clients across many different sectors, including software publishers, IT services companies, universities/online courses/MOOC, energy providers, electronics/data management companies, and others.

Our assessment tests cover a wide range of technologies: PHP, Angular, Node.jS, React, JavaScript, Python, Swift + DevOps, Security, Database, Marketing Automation, UX Design, and many more, including foreign languages tests.

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  1. Customized recruitment is the answer to adding your own tests to your HR partner’s tech skill assessment platform or finding inspiration for new ideas and questions.

Collaborating with a fully integrated hiring solution like SkillValue, you can create new tests by mixing up different types of questions containing fun algorithm exercises based on logical or mathematical problems.

Therefore, you will effectively validate candidates’ IT knowledge and update your in-house team’s skills.

  1. An experienced recruitment partner comes in handy for assessing candidates on current company tests.

From research conducted in France, the U.S., and Canada, it’s not surprising to see the rise of remote recruitment. This growth prompted recruiters to accelerate the digital transformation of recruitment processes. Companies can no longer use homemade tests built for face-to-face interviews.

For this reason, SkillValue offers clients a free customization service, in which upon request, they can add 20 company tests to the recruiter’s test catalogue. Our platform can host video extracts, electronic diagrams, and more.

  1. You want to create a candidate experience, so they enjoy the recruitment process and find your tests challenging and fun.

Your company’s image is vital in the talent acquisition business. A professional and personalized recruitment process may positively influence how future employees feel about working for you.

As a general rule, it is highly important to review all tests on the platform periodically. For example, at SkillValue, we continually add new tests by working with technical experts who keep test parameters up-to-date with the latest technical developments.

  1. You want a fully personalized report in minutes outlining your candidates’ test results.

These customized reports return value by giving immediate feedback and personalized tips based on the respondent’s specific profile.

Our SkillValue reports automatically score and rank candidates, and you can set your success indicators to get 100% desired results for your recruitment campaign.

What is the Best Technical Assessment Platform?

An excellent online technical talent assessment tool and recruiting test system is a better screening method than unreliable CVs and interviews. Using these tools, HR professionals are far less likely to make misled or biased decisions.

It’s my opinion that it’s worth it to invest in online assessment tools for recruitment; it will save you precious time and money while accelerating and safeguarding hiring processes. With several similar tools on the market, the best one for you is the one that suits your business needs and offers personalization.

Below, I will give you a few tips about the SkillValue platform, and you’ll decide for yourself if it’s the proper tool for your company.

The SkillValue Platform – How it Works

SkillValue has two main service offers: technical skill evaluation and candidate recruitment.

Our online assessment tool for IT recruitment offers three levels of personalization:

  1. Randomize the tests according to your needs. SmartQuizzes help you create unique tests by selecting questions from our catalog based on the technology needed and difficulty level.
  2. Create even more unique evaluations by providing new content. We’ll upload these new tests on the platform and give you access to an enriched, fully-customized assessment tool.
  3. In need of a specific technology? We will add new tests according to your required skillset after our technical department has reviewed them.

 As our entire process is customized, you’ll benefit from:

  • Customized interface (company profile page) – logo, website, field of activity
  • Customized template for emails with options for a logo and branded career page (Marketo personalization) when you send tests and results to candidates
  • Customized language – English or French
  • Customized test reports
  • Keywords related to profiles to help recruiters search for candidates according to the company, level of experience, or technology (also see the results, ranking, different tags)
  • Customized test catalog on multiple layers
  • Category with your preferred tests out of more than 700 on the platform

Why Our Clients Recommend Us:

  • We have tested more than 400,000 developers
  • Since its creation in 2008, SkillValue has collaborated with 450 startups, including 7 unicorns.
  • Companies have run over 250,000 tests on our platform to date, making us a more agile culture that responds effectively to our customers’ needs.

Using online assessment tools for recruitment and selection, such as pre-employment assessment tests, is good practice, but only when combined with other recruiting methods. When you have selected the right combination of recruitment assessment tools, use it along with technical validation interviews for more effective hiring.

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