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How to Streamline Remote Tech Screening and Efficiently Assess Developer Skills Online

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us quickly shifted to remote work and remote recruiting. Since we specialize in technical recruitment, remote hiring strategies helped us even before the pandemic to attract top talent no matter the candidate’s location or technical expertise. We’re used to searching for the best candidates everywhere and assess them using remote tech screening processes, providing a competitive service for companies interested in digital transformation.

As we speak, the majority of businesses use online tools to assess their future employees’ skills. Most of our clients are companies that lacked a standardized on-premises recruitment process before the outbreak of Covid-19. They lost precious time and hired people who weren’t always the right fit for the position. On the other hand, many companies with functional recruitment processes were looking for ways to optimize their budgets by implementing an efficient and cost-effective assessment tool.

Based on my experience with these companies, my advice is to start with a remote recruitment process as soon as possible and then meet your future candidates on-premises, if necessary, as part of the on-boarding process.

How to Streamline Your Remote Tech Screening Process in Four Steps


Here are some tips on how to leverage your remote recruitment process:

      1. Implement Smart Recruiting Strategies

There are many online recruitment assessment tools on the market. After you have done your research, choose the easiest to use while providing as many features as possible.

It will help you to:

  • Simplify the recruitment process
  • Reduce business costs
  • Save time
  • Increase efficiency

      2. Standardize the Recruitment Process

Any member of your recruitment team should be able to take over and continue to screen your candidates remotely. An efficient assessment tool with automated features will offer:

  • A high degree of independence when managing assessment campaigns
  • Easy-to-use shortlists to compare candidates
  • A set of data and an average score to compare your candidates with those in the database
  • A marketing automation tool with email automation management that:
    • Displays templates for emails and reminders
    • Provides personalized reports and comparison lists, managed by recruiters
    • Enables email notifications regarding candidate tests

You can integrate the tests offered by some assessment platforms, such as SkillValue, into your SaaS or ATS software (Applicant Tracking System). This integration allows you to send out tests instantly, manage candidate reports, tailor quizzes for your recruitment needs, and more. 

      3. Review Your Pre-screening Procedures

Remote tech screening procedures help you to shortlist candidates quicker than any other solution. An automated tool handles the job by organizing your remote recruitment assessment with no headache. Therefore, you will:

  • Have access to many ready-to-use and comprehensive technical assessments
  • Have the flexibility to tailor tests to match different skillsets and seniority levels
  • Be able to assess your current and future employees, partners, and freelancers on a variety of tech subjects
  • Enrich your pool of candidates despite geographic distance
  • Reduce time to hire

      4. Ensure a Fair, Transparent, and Pleasant Remote Recruitment Process

Every company should consider a remote recruitment process that is also pleasant and fun for its candidates. With custom-designed remote recruitment tests, candidates will most certainly appreciate your company’s employee branding.

And, since SkillValue’s platform automatically corrects tests, accurate and fair results guarantee a flawless remote tech screening. HR professionals are far less likely to make misled or biased decisions using these tools.

Some assessment platforms don’t automatically provide test results to candidates. The recruiter must send them via email. It’s best to have results automatically sent to both the recruiter and the candidate for a more efficient and transparent process.

The SkillValue Platform: Learn More About Your Remote Tech Screening Partner

The hiring process can be time-consuming, costly, and stressful. By collaborating with a fully integrated hiring solution like SkillValue, you will receive the support you need from your remote tech screening partner.

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Clients appreciate these SkillValue platform features the most:

      1. A catalog of over 1,000 pre-defined IT tests and 30.000+ multiple-choice tech questions, covering more than 160 technical skillsets and fields, such as UX / UI, innovation, front-end and back-end development, data, business intelligence, big data, machine learning, database management, help-desk services, DevOps, cloud management, infrastructure system and network management, IT security, GDPR, marketing automation integration, and more.

      2. A free customization service where clients can request tailored assessments. They can add their own tests covering specific skills.

      3. A marketing automation tool that:

  • facilitates communication with the candidates when sending notifications, reminders, tests, and results
  • provides personalized reports and comparison lists

 Here’s what clients say about SkillValue:

“SkillValue platform SaaS is a brilliant tool to hire engineers and developers despite geographic distance. Assessments are top-quality, and applicant’s feel positive about the process.” – Pascal VIGNON, founder of Agilitech

“Our recruitment strategy has been incredibly optimized thanks to the SkillValue SaaS platform. We have included it to our hiring process, and have met applicants who had the expected skills for the project.” – Yoann, Executive Director, Software Publisher

“From the very first trial, we noticed that shortlisting applicants was much easier. Technical assessments are ready for use and very comprehensive. That means we can choose a specific assessment according to our needs and the required skills for our customers’ projects.” – Damien CHIMIER, Sales Director INFOTEM

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