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Machine Learning Testing: When Robots are No Longer Fiction, It’s Time to Keep Skills Sharp.

Machine Learning Testing When Robots are No Longer Fiction, It’s Time to Keep Skills Sharp.

As the era of Machine Learning (ML) has already gained significant traction and many companies are using its mechanism to their advantage, machine learning skills are an increasingly sought-after asset. Algorithms used in Machine Learning can help companies identify critical insights in data, create connections between two actions to make a prediction based on their […]

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Techno of the week – React JS

ReactJS is taking over the web development, some say that by storm, we agree. Created by  Jordan Walke and his colleagues from Facebook,  the open-source JavaScript library was 1st deployed on Facebook’s newsfeed in 2011 and 1 year later, on Instagram.  In 2015, because React architecture has proved tremendously successful, the framework has been brought […]

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Techno of the week – Laravel

“Whether you’re a solo developer or a 20 person team, Laravel is a breath of fresh air. Keep everyone in sync using Laravel’s database agnostic migrations and schema builder.” This would be the motto of Laravel. Laravel is a free, open source, PHP framework. It was created for the web artisans by Taylor Otwell, a […]

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From Programmer to Entrepreneur: Daniel Kaufman’s Brooklyn Labs

Having been mentored by a MIT professor, Daniel Kaufman is a new breed of entrepreneur dedicated to transforming ideas into sustainable business models. With 20+ years working in software and hardware, he is founder and CEO of Brooklyn Labs, a global think tank headquartered in Brooklyn, offering mobile app development services. Originally from Boston, Daniel has […]

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