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SkillValue’s New Tests for December

Starting this month, SkillValue is offering a new series of technical tests to assess and help recruit Front and Back-End developers specialized in C# 7 and Angular 8. In addition, at the request of our ESN and Key Account customers, we have added new tests in Numerical Reasoning and COBOL.

Evaluate your full-stack developers with SkillValue’s new range of tests

Our tests allow Recruiters, CTO’s and Human Resource representatives alike to assess the hard skills of applicants in Back-End or Front-End development. SkillValue tests are tailored to the level and experience of each candidate with quizzes ranging from beginner level tests and trainee assessments to intermediate and advanced level exercises for experienced professionals.

Our new range of tests focus on concepts related to Python, .NET and JAVA programming as well as tools and frameworks derived from these programming languages. The latest additions to our C# 7 quiz catalog will allow you to test the skills of Junior and Intermediate developers to program an object-oriented apps and to understand data types and collections. With our NumPy quiz, you finally get the opportunity to test you candidates on their abilities to load, to contain and to process data.

Do you want to assess your QA developers? SkillValue offers you a new version of its Selenium quiz in order to verify the knowledge in Selenium libraries as WebDriver, WebElement, etc.

  • C# 7.0 quiz beginner level
  • C# 7.0 quiz medium level
  • NumPy quiz medium level
  • Selenium quiz medium level (new version)
  • Cobol quiz medium level

We have also worked to create specific tests to assess Front-End developers with focus on Angular, Express a NodeJS framework. With this Express test, you can evaluate candidates on their knowledge of the main functionalities as Request, Middleware and Routing to develop an app with NodeJS. You will also find CSS3 test to assess candidates on their expertise to work with its features as positioning, colors, selectors, etc.

  • Spring Boot 2.0 quiz medium level
  • Kubernetes quiz medium level
  • Angular 8 quiz medium level
  • Express quiz medium level
  • CSS3 quiz beginner level

Our new catalog will also feature tests to evaluate Numerical Reasoning.

Then to assess your Product Owner, Data Scientist you can find lots of tests on SkillValue platform. Your DBA, Data Scientists or Business Intelligence specialists can be evaluated with over 75 different SkillValue tests focused on Data including: 4 Big Data tests, 32 Business Intelligence tests, 32 Database tests, 7 logic and mathematics quizzes and 38 code exercises in Python.

  • Numerical Reasoning quiz

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Assess your candidates with SkillValue technical tests

SkillValue now offers companies more technical tests than ever covering more than 160 different technologies to assess the varied skills of IT candidates. Companies can screen the skills of developers, as well as other tech profiles such as Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Helpdesk profiles, DevOps specialists, and many more.

Our tests are administered in the form of timed quizzes, with 25% of our tests consisting of theoretical questions (10-15 min. duration) and 75% of practical questions and coding exercises (duration of 40 minutes max). By the end of November, our platform will boast 38 different coding exercises in 9 languages like Java , PHP, C #, C, C ++, Ruby, Python, JavaScript and PHP7 by the end of November) to help companies benchmark both the candidates knowledge and practical use of these technologies.

Do you work internationally? All our IT tests are available in both French and English.

The SkillValue test catalog allows you to benchmark candidates’ technical knowledge, boost the skills of your employees, and create quizzes tailored to the needs of your specific projects.

To date, more than 400,000 IT professionals have been evaluated using our platform during recruitment processes, or for skill assessment purposes.

SkillValue’s catalog of tests is evolving, according to the needs of our HR community

Are you planning to recruit and need candidates who can work comfortably with advanced technologies? Tell us what you are looking for – you can expect to find exactly what you need by the next catalog update.

Last year, we added over 100 new tests to meet the demands of startups, software companies, ESNs and recruitment firms worldwide.

Thanks to daily communication with our HR and Tech community, we are consistently working to tailor our tests to meet enterprise expectations and streamline the screening of candidates based on factual criteria: their technical knowledge.

Personalize your Skill Assessment Process

At SkillValue, our foremost goal is to give businesses the tools they need to assess the technical savvy of applicants and evaluate their internal talents’ skills.

The assessment of hard skills is a multi-layered process that takes place during the recruitment process and can often be drawn out because it often required the involvement of Team Leaders, or the ISD for technical interviews. At SkillValue, we will organize the evaluation of your candidates via our platform – remotely or on your premises.

1)     Test campaigns


Our test campaign option allows companies to create a selection of customized tests that match only the skills they want to evaluate.

In the Campaigns tab, you can directly select the coding tests you need from our catalog to evaluate the skills you’re looking for. You can choose quizzed according to the categories of technologies and the level of expertise/experience. (Junior, Intermediate, Expert).

To finalize the campaign and send applicants their tests, all you have to do is import the list of candidates you want to evaluate. A customizable email is then sent to the candidates.

2)     SmartQuiz


The SmartQuiz offer from SkillValue allows companies to build customizable multi-skill tests in order to create more dynamic tests. With SmartQuiz, you can easily put together a test using the full roster of questions available on our platform. This customizable test can consist of up to 60 questions on different technologies and levels of difficulty, to send your applicants tests adapted to the exact needs of your project.

Each SmartQuiz is unique, with questions selected randomly from our question pool. Each candidate will receive a different test, but with the same proportion of technical questions in the technologies chosen. By using the SmartQuiz feature, you reduce the risk of collaboration.

Once your SmartQuiz test is created, it is added directly to your list of available tests. If you’d like to send a Test Campaign, you will only have to import your list of candidates and send your personalized email.

3)     Analyze the results of your candidates


Once the tests are finished by the candidates, their results are available directly on your SkillValue dashboard and are automatically ranked to give you a general overview.

For each completed test, you have access to a test report, downloadable in PDF format, with in depth details of the candidate’s answers. With our report, you can identify the number of times each candidate spends on an issue and compare it to the average.

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