Automated Candidate Screening: How to Upgrade Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a people-centered industry. The experience and know-how of talent acquisition specialists weigh heavily in identifying the best profiles on the market. But no matter how much they try, the pressure of quickly hiring qualified candidates and the increasing number of applicants companies need to assess complicates any recruitment mission, especially in some areas like IT.

Automated candidate screening is the best way to scale hiring processes by making the selection of the right candidates easier and faster. Automated tasks increase productivity and reduce time to hire, and as a result, your recruitment team will have more time to focus on what really matters: a better understanding of how to attract top talent and how to convince highly qualified specialists to join your company.

At SkillValue, we automate costly, time-consuming tasks. I’m talking about an entire recruitment process set up to deliver the right technical staffing.

So, how does automated candidate screening work at SkillValue?

Let’s say that you posted a detailed job description, and you’ve received thousands of applications. How will you find the best profile from a large number of applicants? How fast will you be able to respond to every candidate without causing frustration?

A talent acquisition platform like SkillValue helps you assess, interview, and nurture candidates, creating a highly representative talent pool from which you can extract the profiles you need, all while building your company’s recruitment process.

Moreover, based on reference models, recruiters find clear guidelines on our platform to define every technical profile’s expected skill level. Based on them, they build their own assessment criteria consisting of test descriptions and lists of questions.

To better assess each candidate’s level of experience, recruiters can compare their results with the average and top performance score of all the database profiles, no matter the technology.

1. Automated Assessment Tests of Candidates

Our assessment service evaluates hard skills through a set of tests, automatically ranking candidates based on their scores. Both recruiter and candidate receive the results simultaneously, ensuring an accurate, fair, and transparent process.

What you should know about SkillValue’s tests:

  • We have a catalog of over 1,00 pre-defined IT tests and 30.000+ multiple-choice tech questions. They cover more than 160 technical skillsets and fields, such as UX / UI, innovation, front-end and back-end development, data, business intelligence, big data, machine learning, database management, help-desk services, DevOps, cloud management, infrastructure system and network management, IT security, GDPR, marketing automation integration, and more.
  • Our CTO team periodically reviews, updates, and corrects tests if needed.
  • We publish new tests every month based on our clients’ demands. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, for example, we’ve prepared different types of IT security and DevOps tests for which we also offer score graphics to evaluate their complexity and data to compare the results.
  • We tailor tests for clients across many different sectors beyond IT services companies, including software publishers, universities/online courses/MOOC, energy providers, electronics/data management companies, and others.

Today, companies largely use technical assessment tests to narrow their pool of candidates. Although it is a challenging and time-consuming mission to manage them, we want to make sure that our clients have access to the best assessment tests on the market, available for different seniority levels and technologies.

2. Automated Technical Interview Process

Recruiters spend a lot of time scheduling candidates for interviews. Automation processes streamline the interview process by creating a better experience for candidates and recruiters alike.

Combined with IT tests, our technical interview process will maximize the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts.

What you should know about SkillValue’s technical interview process:

  • At SkillValue, a CTO who clearly understands a project’s technical aspects carries out technical interviews.
  • During the interview, the CTO will examine multiple important traits of an excellent candidate, including workflow agility, self-training capabilities, and even if the candidate applied acceptable development practices.
  • Once a candidate finishes the CTO SkillValue technical validation interview, our software will provide an analysis of their strengths, qualities, areas for improvement, along with detailed results of their technical tests and an evaluation of their overall performance.

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3. Automated Candidate Nurturing

Recruiters need to stay in contact with many candidates. Still, it’s considered outdated to manually send emails, especially when you want to keep talent warm and engaged throughout the hiring process.

Therefore, to focus on pressing tasks, the solution is to automate candidate nurturing and send personalized notifications, reminders, tests, and results with no headaches.

SkillValue provides a marketing automation tool with email automation management that:

  • Includes templates for emails and reminders
  • Provides personalized reports and comparison lists, managed by recruiters
  • Enables email notifications regarding candidate tests

Many studies say that using a candidate relationship management system can help reduce the cost per hire.

4. Automated Reports

Our SaaS platform stores important data about a candidate’s evolution in the recruitment process. Having access to these analytics helps you improve your actions for hiring top talent.

Here are some examples of information available in our app:

  • immediate candidate scoring to make a fair decision based upon the code analysis
  • annual data reports for the best skills
  • the average level for a specific skill
  • technical trend reports

You can integrate the tests offered by SkillValue into your SaaS or ATS software (Applicant Tracking System). This integration allows you to instantly send out tests, manage candidate reports, tailor quizzes for your recruitment needs, and more.

Automated Candidate Screening Benefits

There are many benefits to introducing automated candidate screening processes. The more obvious ones include:

  1. Quickly and easily select the right candidates
  2. Hire for multiple roles simultaneously
  3. Eliminate hiring biases
  4. Engage talent faster
  5. Reduce cost per hire
  6. Improve the candidate experience

Other little known but important benefits include:

  • Build communities of profiles on your platform

We help build communities according to the client’s needs. For example, suppose we create a landing page where people can apply to a specific job, by extracting their data. In that case, the recruiter can start the recruitment process immediately by sending automated messages set specially designed for newcomers.

  • Facilitate teamwork in your extended recruitment team

Effective recruitment involves multiple stakeholders. Modern recruiting software allows multiple people to access candidate profiles, add notes, update content, and provide feedback. Standard activity dashboards offer visibility to all people engaged in the process.

  • Assess skills that your team may not master

In this case, working with an assessment platform takes the assessment burden off your shoulders because they will manage the tests and results to provide a short-list of candidates.

  • Increase diversity

By only considering a candidate’s score, you will increase diversity and build more complementary teams. Candidates can take SkillValue tests anonymously, which offers a place to women and other minorities in tech. You will give everyone an equal chance, no matter their age, gender, or preferences.

Recruitment automation was always crucial for high-volume recruiting, but now every team needs to work smarter and more efficiently. You just have to find the right recruitment partner to upgrade your recruitment process.

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