Author: Vincent De Jonghe

Tech Meetup: The SkillValue Tour is back on the road! Will we see you in the UK or on the other side of the Channel?


Are you coming to the next Tech Meetup? SkillValue’s experts will be going on the road again this year to meet up with developers, freelancers and start-ups all over the United Kingdom and France. What’s on the agenda? Lots of Tech Meetups with our in-house experts. For startups, we’ll be looking at recruitment and MVPs, […]

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Definition: The Front-End Developer

Definition The Front-End Developer

The definition of the Front-End Developer The title “Front-End Developer” emerged as a result of the appearance of “rich” or “2.0” or “Single Page Applications” web applications. This was done in order to distinguish the classic HTML/CSS integrator from the “new generation” JavaScript Developer who is comfortable working with advanced and complex frameworks, such as […]

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Defining the Java developer profile: what to expect in a Java developer job description

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Java is a widely-used programming language that enables the creation of high-performance client-server applications using the Java EE platform. Anyone who chooses to specialize in Java should master the language to truly stand out. From creating secure mobile banking solutions to changing the way we shop, Java has been used to create countless web applications […]

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#Definition : The DevOps Engineer

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The Definition of the DevOps Engineer When thinking about the DevOps Engineer’s job description, the position is best defined as the contraction of  words ‘Developer’ and ‘Operations’; ‘Operations’, in the sense of ‘Exploit’ aka. ‘Use’ of an application delivered by a developer. Traditionally, development teams and production teams are separate and they communicate solely through […]

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