New quiz – What’s new on PHP7?

Back in the early 90’s, Rasmus Lerdorf wanted to build a templating language but the world needed more, and together with his colleagues included business logic too, and so the PHP programming language was born.

php7_new_quiz24 years later, PHP is used by more than 80% of all the websites. Popular sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, and are all powered by it. Surprisingly, according to W3Techs, almost 90% are using PHP 5 and only 9.6% were upgraded to PHP 7.

If you are in that situation you should totally move on to PHP 7.
Why? Because it’s much faster and resource efficient and boy, who isn’t looking for this in their development?

Find out from the source what PHP 7 is all about and why upgrading you’ll do a major favour to yourself:

New quiz – PHP 7

If the upgrade was already done, we invite you to take the new PHP 7 quiz launched on the platform. The test was released last week and we are really curios on what the community says about it.

Radu, backend PHP developer and the creator of this quiz, says:
radu_says“PHP 7 brings incredible performance improvements over its predecessor and adds many cool features that would make every ’90s web-developer drool like a baby. Its widespread support by the community and accelerated adoption makes it a perfect choice for building new websites, big or small. Try this PHP 7 quiz to see if you have what it takes to handle it.”

After taking it, you’ll receive a Certificate with your name on it, directly in your profile.
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